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Should Security Guards Be Armed? Why You Need Armed Security

The safety and security of your business rests in the hands of your security guards and officers. But, should security guards be armed? Click here to find out why the answer is a resounding, yes!

It’s probable that you have a firm stance on guns, police, or even armed guards. Regardless of that stance, you also have a business to protect.

You’ve already decided to hire security guards. The next question faced is: ‘should security guards be armed?’

We’re going to take you through the top reasons to consider hiring an armed security guard versus hiring unarmed security services. Keep reading for more information!

Considering an Armed Guard

Your thought process might be that you don’t want to scare or worry patrons by having armed guards on the premises. This is understandable, but from a criminal standpoint, unarmed guards really aren’t a deterrent.

To determine if armed security guards are right for your business, consider these questions:

  • Is the emergency response in your area slow?
  • Is your business in a high-crime area?
  • Do your employees often work late?

If your emergency response is slow, having an armed guard on premise will help contain whatever situation might arise. Similarly, being in a high-crime area can easily attract the wrong type of person that could commit any number of crimes.

With an unarmed guard in a high-crime area, people know he has very little course of action until the police arrive.

The last question is about your employees. This can be seen from two perspectives. The first way of looking at it is the safety and well-being of those who work for you. Secondly, people don’t always do the right thing when they believe no one is looking and nighttime only exacerbates this issue.

Liability Issues

One of the problems seen in hiring armed guards is the fact that the company choosing to do so must carry hefty insurance policies. This is because the weapon being carried is a firearm and even with extensive background checks, there is no way of knowing all situations.

Although liability insurance and possibly workman’s compensation may have to be increased, an armed security guard will serve far more benefits.

Other Thoughts

Another issue that companies face when deciding should security guards be armed is cost. Plain and simple, an armed guard is going to cost more than an unarmed one.

Armed guards will cost more because they require extensive training about carrying their weapon, the laws surrounding it, and typically are former law enforcement officers or military.

Depending on who you hire, the company you use, and your location, an armed guard might cost $5-10 more per hour. This could be a fair price to pay for heightened security.

Finally, Should Security Guards Be Armed?

To answer this briefly, yes. Hiring an unarmed guard will provide a presence of security but in an emergent situation may not be able to respond.

You may believe having armed guards on staff will be intimidating to the public, patrons, or employees. This is understandable and relatable.

It’ll only take one instance where the question, ‘should security guards be armed,’ will be answered for you.

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