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What Are the Benefits of Developing a Mobile App for Your Business?

A lot of businesses are hopping on the app train and are releasing apps for their customers. Interested in learning how your business could benefit from developing a mobile app? Check out this article and find out more!

Studies show that more people today are browsing the web using their phones than not. Around 42% of these people download apps to make their day to day lives easier.

With all this change in technology, your company can’t fall behind. Here are just a few benefits that will come to you if you go forward in developing a mobile app for your business.

1. Better Branding

You’d be surprised how much people can remember your company if they look at your brand every time they scroll through apps on their phones. Without a mobile app, your business comes across as outdated.

Having an easy to navigate mobile app can help you stand out against your competition which increases brand loyalty.

2. Awesome Customer Engagement

People spend on average, 30 hours a month on mobile apps. Having a mobile app allows customers to spend this time interacting with your company.

They can help you get valuable feedback, take suggestions, and even have full conversations with your customers. Not only does developing a mobile app make sure you can engage your customers better, but you also give them service faster.

With the Google Play and Apple App store, you have to meet certain speed requirements. This is a sure fire way to make sure you are offering quick seamless service necessary to drive customer engagement and action.

3. You’re Always Available

With an app, you’re available all day every day. Your customers come from all branches of the world from all different time zones. Having an app that can adapt to this will increase customer loyalty and drive your brand.

You have the opportunity to offer your customers promotions and information in real time along with updates. You can gather relevant information about your customers too such as time in which your app has the most hits.

4. Drive Those Sales

Having an app gives you the benefit of being able to push well thought out advertisements. By knowing your customers you can send them relevant ads in real time.

This sounds like it might annoy customers, but it does the exact opposite. By throwing an ad on them based on their purchases, you offer them the solution to a need they might have at that very moment. By offering them something they need, you push a sale.

5. Can Increase Work Efficiency

Mobile apps aren’t just for your customers, they can help you connect with your employees as well.

By having your employees keep up with a mobile app, they always have your company in the comfort of their back pocket. This helps you keep in touch with them during company business trips.

You can assign tasks to your employees via the mobile app as it makes it easy for traveling employees to send you data, and files over, and it helps them get your messages and feedback on the go.

All of this can not only increase production efficiency but time efficiency as well.

6. Increase Customer Loyalty

We got a little into increasing customer loyalty by always being available, and pushing relevant ads, but there are other ways that apps help with this.

Most offline royalty and benefit merchandise involve cards or other physical items. This is hard to get out on a wide scale. People also tend to shy away from these reward programs.

By having digital rewards, more customers can receive them, so you have a longer reach. You increase the level of commitment expressed by the user which keeps them with your brand longer.

This is how you’re able to gather relevant data and personalize your app for your customers. By giving out offers and providing coupons that are relevant to them, you increase customer loyalty.

7. Linking To Social Media

It’s a good idea when you are making your app, to give a link to your Facebook or Twitter page.

Doing this allows for more eyeballs to see your company which gets you more hits on your website. Allow for customers to sign in using their Facebook or Twitter. Being able to sign in quickly like that makes them happy and increases customer loyalty.

Being able to do this, also allows them to share your business around their social circles easier as well.

8. Stand Out From The Competition

Even with all of the benefits from developing a mobile app, many businesses still haven’t made the transition over yet.

If you go ahead and develop your app, you still stand apart from your competition who hasn’t moved forward yet. The reverse for this is also true though. If you don’t develop an app, but your competition has, you lose customers.

Imagine if you will though, you’re the first privately owned company in your neighborhood to develop a web app, the amount of attention that you will get vs. other privately owned businesses in your area would be huge.

As said above, you can’t afford to fall behind when it comes to keeping up with new technology and software development. Always take the opportunity to learn more about new developments.

Benefits Of Developing a Mobile App

There are a bunch of benefits to developing a mobile app, but it all boils down to having one allows you to connect more with your customers.

When having a business where your customers are your life source, you can’t lose them due to not keeping up with modern technology. Having your customer’s sights set on your brand by being able to give them offers, and linking to social media, these are all things that keep them pouring in.

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