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5 Ways to Improve Your Small Business Office Security Systems After a Burglary

5 Ways to Improve Your Small Business Office Security After a Burglary

A burglary is an awful invasion of privacy and can have far reaching effects for the small business owner. Here’s are 5 ways you can update your office security systems to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Small businesses are burglarized every day, and unfortunately, small business owners don’t always have the resources to deter these crimes effectively.

While Walmarts can use local police forces as security guards, SMBs have to take care of business themselves.

Below, we’ll give you 5 ways to improve your office security systems.

1. Upgrade Your Locks

You might be surprised by this, but many burglars break into a building by simply going through the front door. This is why you should have not one, but several top-notch locks on the front door to your office.

A well-secured front door should have a lock on the handle, a deadbolt, and a door chain to adequately prevent break-ins. You can find a cheap company, like City Locksmith to handle this task for you.

2. Install a Wireless Unmonitored Alarm System

Hiring an around-the-clock security or surveillance team is unrealistic for cash-strapped small business. But a wireless security system (the kind you’d have in your home) can be just as effective.

These systems will track movement, light, and even noise in your office while you’re gone. If the system is triggered, they’ll alert the security company and call the police to your office immediately.

3. Buy Shutters for Your Building

If your office or storefront is located on the ground level of a building you can reduce the threat of burglary to nearly 0% by installing metal shutters you can pull down when you close for the day and pull back up when you open for business the next morning.

This option is potentially prohibitively expensive for some people but it’ll keep vandals from throwing rocks through your windows and close off easy entry points from burglars.

4. Place Security Cameras Conspicuously

Despite popular belief, security cameras don’t really exist to catch burglars in the act of the crime. They’re actually there to deter the act altogether. In most businesses, security cameras aren’t monitored by anyone and they’re rarely even recording the footage they’re taking.

However, just the mere presence of a security camera can give a burglar doubts about their plans. You can even go as far as to install completely fake security cameras to get the same effect if you can’t afford to install an expensive security camera system.

5. Leave a Few Lights On

Whoever is closing up the office or storefront of your business should be instructed to leave a few lights on before they leave. Why, you ask?

It may seem wasteful, but leaving lights on can give the impression to would-be burglars that someone may still be in the office, and most burglars don’t want to get into a violent altercation. They prefer to strike when a place is empty.

If your business is on street-level it can also give onlookers the visibility to spot someone burglarizing your business and call the police.

Need More Office Security Systems Tips?

Hopefully, this article has inspired you to improve your office security systems. If you need more tips for securing your business, both in real life and online, check out our Security archives.