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Archives Category: Security

How To Protect Your Domain Name
by Justin Murik - If you are thinking that your entire role has finally come to an end with the selection of an appropriate domain name registration for your website, then you are certainly wrong. Your plan to buy domain is not just limited to its selection but also its complete protection.

Profits In Principles
by Dale King - There is a moral to this story.

Why You Need to Visit WhoIs
by Jim Degerstrom - Recent case studies of 5 small business owners who had their web sites disappear from the internet may be the subject of an upcoming eBook. The situation happens more frequently than some people realize, so the following advice is being released now. Free domain registration information is easily retrieved and should be reviewed by any site owner who is unfamiliar with the term "WhoIs".

Identity Theft: Phishing in Dangerous Water
by Daryl Campbell - Have you received one yet? You know. The email directing you to visit a familiar website where for some odd reason you're being asked to update your personal information?

10 Questions To Ask Yourself And Determine If You Are Spyware Savvy
by Chris Young - Most of us who use computers are afraid of spyware and the problems it causes. So, you learn all about spyware and the ways to protect yourself from it. How will you know whether you have complete knowledge? Well what you can do is to surf the World Wide Web for the latest on spyware and computer security.

Antispam Organization Out There That's Fighting For You
by Robert Michael - There's an antispam organization out there that's fighting for you and could use your help.

How To Identify A Virus Infected E-mail Message?
by Eric Koshinsky - It is often difficult to identify an infected e-mail message. The way modern viruses and mass mailing internet worms function, messages can seem to arrive from friends or colleagues. In reality most infected messages are being automatically sent by another infected machine who has no idea their machine even has a problem.

My PC Has Adware, What Should I Do?
by Byron Wilks - Millions of computer users around the world have their PC’s infected with adware, and don’t even know it. What’s adware you say? Well, its any application that records what you do (or do not do) and reports that data back to third party vendors.

Make Your Computer Immune To Viruses
by Willie Reynolds - One glitch in the system in the form of a computer viruses can end up costing any type of business incredible amounts of money in downtime, repairs, and lost opportunities.

Find The Free Spyware Removal Program Perfect For You
by Jason Frovich - Spyware is a vide group of software programs designed to spy on computer users, and report back to the owner of the Spyware program. If your computer becomes infected with Spyware, the Spyware will take control of parts of your computer without your knowledge or consent. Free spyware removal programs are available online.

How To Identify A Virus Infected E-mail Message?
by Eric Koshinsky - Most infected messages are being automatically sent by another infected machine who has no idea their machine even has a problem. Since the virus or worm pretend to be the owner of the infected computer it can be hard for you when you get unexpected email messages from them. Here are a few important things to watch for.

How a Personal Firewall Helps to Protect Your Home Computer From Hackers
by Richard Rogers - There are two types of firewall available to the home computer user.

Broadband Users – Stop Hacker Attacks With Firewall Software
by Kwan Lo - The popularity of broadband access increases the need for sophisticated firewall software. Read our short report to see how firewall software can protect your computer.

Don't Fall For The Latest Internet Identity Theft Scam
by Tim Knox - While most people are familiar with identity theft, most business men and women never think about it happening to them, at least on a professional level. Consider this: if a criminal can learn your business checking account number or the number of your company credit card, they can steal far more from your business than if they had simply knocked down the door and carted off your desk.

Very Important: Update on Severe Windows Security Flaw. What To Do Right Now To Secure Your Data
by Olga - Earlier we warned you about a serious security flaw, so-called "WMF flow." Several days later nearly one hundred different instances of exploitation of this newly discovered vulnerability had been found.

The Importance Of Monitoring Your Website
by Douglas Titchmarsh - Are you monitoring your website? You should be, especially if you are using it to make some extra cash, and definitely if it is your only source of income.

5 Mistakes you Might be Making when Choosing a Password
by Nicole Dean - Are you making yourself a target for fraud? More and more often I am hearing stories of people who have had their accounts hacked. They have had money stolen, lost sleep, spent hours setting up new accounts, or had their credit ruined. Don't let this happen to you.

Online Marketing Your Security Risks And Prevention
by Michael J. Keenan - As an online marketer my computers security is always in the back of my mind. My computer is the heart of my business, so keeping it safe should be prioty number one. Although sometimes it does slip to priority number two, which could as a result have a devastating effect on both myself and my customers. So this is a gentle reminder to be really aware of your online security.

The Essentials of Wireless Security
by Daniel Robson - With wireless networks proliferating it is becoming more important than ever that sufficient security measures are put in place. And yet many people, especially those new to the technology or computers in general, are just not aware of the dangers of not properly securing a wireless network.

How to Stop Digital Thieves with CGI
by Steve Humphrey - For a product or service with a fairly low price point and a potential for many thousands of sales, this seems ideal. You can quite literally make sales and earn income 24 hours a day. So, what's the problem? If someone uses the ViewSource function of their browser, they can see all your code. If they have even a tiny bit of initiative and skill, they can locate the URL of your download page.

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