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Top 5 Tips to Market Your RV Park and Get a Full Lot Every Season

Do you feel like your RV park has been a little vacant lately? Looking for ways to attract more people? Then read these tips to market your RV park.

41 million people participated in car, backyard or RV camping in 2017. If your RV park didn’t get its fair share of visitors, read on.

We’ll share 5 tips to help you get a full lot every season.

Use Facebook Ads

The beauty of Facebook ads is that you can pay per click. That means you only pay a few cents every time someone actually clicks on your ad.

What about the thousands of people who see your ad without clicking? That’s free advertising!

Facebook ads let you narrow your target audience to a minute detail. You can set the ages and gender you want. You can select people who live within a certain distance of your park.

You can even make some ads target families and show them pictures of incredible family vacations. At the same time, another ad set could target retired couples. You would show a picture of the best RV and a gorgeous sunset on the deck.

Ask for RV Park Reviews

Reviews are vital. 91% of people read reviews. And a whopping 84% of those people trust the reviews they read. They treat those reviews as a personal recommendation from a friend.

One of the best (and free) ways to boost your RV park bookings is to ask your customers for reviews on Facebook.

Have a sign hanging in the office for people to see when they check in. “Enjoying your stay? Tell us what you think on Facebook.”

Yes, you might get a 1-star review from an unhappy customer. But if overall your customers are happy, your star rating will reflect that.

Why ask for Facebook RV park reviews instead of typing up comments on your site? The answer is about credibility. When you put up a review on your site, there’s no way to know if Cindy really said that or if it was you.

With Facebook reviews, each person’s name, icon, and date is stamped into the review. It is authentic and people trust it.

Hold a Contest

A great way to spread the word about your RV resort is to run a contest. The prize could be as simple as a free weekend at a camping site or a hook up site.

You could ask your previous visitors to share pictures or memories of your RVC park. Or you could ask them to share a post on their personal page for an entry.

This will show up on their friends’ newsfeed giving you many new pairs of eyes.

Avoid running a contest asking for reviews. This could seem like you are bribing people for good reviews.

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Show, Don’t Tell

A rookie mistake many businesses make is to use their social media pages incorrectly.

There’s no reason to share a funny cat video from your RV resort Facebook page. All your posts need to be related to your RV park without being salesy. It’s an art you will learn to master.

Share news about your site, pictures of happy people enjoying their camping site, bacon cooking on the open fire. You get what we’re saying. Show your followers the experience they could have if they come to your RV park.

Are you expanding your RV park? Check out this website for quality RV shelters and then tell your followers about your plans to expand.

Add a Call to Action Button

Facebook has several action buttons you can choose from. From Sign Up to Contact Us to Book Now.

Make sure you have this call to action button for your RV park. This button can link to whatever website you want – even your booking page.

If you make it easy for prospective customers to book a trip, they are that much more likely to make a reservation.

Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed these RV park tips to help you get more reservations. Next, read these 10 time management tips to help you become more successful.