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The Small Business Owner’s Guide To Improving Foot Traffic

How to Increase Foot Traffic At Your Business

It seems like everyone is focused on bringing in more business online, but what about in person business? Here’s our guide on how to improve foot traffic and bring in more customers.

Around 92% of all retail purchases happen in a brick-and-mortar store. Learn more about how you can get more foot traffic into your store.

At least 30.8% of customers prefer in-store shopping because it gives them a chance to see and feel the product in person. Let’s face it: You usually don’t really know what kind of product you’re getting online until you open the package.

Your store is already at an advantage when it comes to selling. Here’s how you can get more people coming through your store’s door:

Get More Foot Traffic With Free WiFi

Give customers a reason to come through your doors. Wireless connections are scarce and unlimited data packages are becoming less popular, so WiFi is more necessary than ever.

Around 62% of businesses claim that introducing free WiFi made customers spend more time in their stores. More people coming through your door equals more opportunities to make sales.

If you want to limit WiFi use to customers only, make your wireless connection password protected. Choose a password with a combination of letters and numbers for increased security.

You can advertise your store’s WiFi with a sign. Make sure your sign is erect and easy to read. See more here.

Make a Lounge Area

Despite what you hear about “retail therapy”, shopping can be a stressful experience. People’s heart rates increase by 33% when shopping for the holidays. Researchers compare the experience to running a marathon.

Having a lounge area lets your customers de-stress. If a customer comes in with a friend who isn’t shopping, they can wait in the lounge area. Overall, it makes for a better customer experience.

Provide free entertainment in the lounge area. Set up a television and buy magazines for customers to read. Make sure the media aligns with your primary customer base’s interests.

For example, if your customers are mostly women, buy women’s magazines and put on shows that women love.

Speaking of entertainment, the next idea will truly engage your customers:

Make a Play Zone

If a lot of parents come to your store, creating a play zone will help keep their kids occupied while they shop.

A play zone is a sound investment. Your store will steadily gain a reputation for being kid-friendly.

Buy toys that engage children’s imaginations like dolls, stuffed animals, bead mazes, and other stimulating toys. Make sure the toys don’t make a lot of noise and are easy to clean up.

Your play zone doesn’t have to be solely for children. You can also offer arcade games like Pac Man.

Use the play zone as an opportunity to give people a chance to express themselves. Include a chalkboard where customers can write whatever they want. Be sure to monitor the chalkboard in case someone writes something inappropriate.

Host Events

Hosting events is one of the best foot traffic tips because it brings in new customers.

Throwing events also gives people an opportunity to build a relationship with your store. They’ll associate your store with good times and recommend it to others.

Your events can be educational or just for fun. Ultimately, you need to consider what kind of demographic the event will attract versus what demographic your store attracts.

For instance, a florist shop can host a seminar on how to arrange flowers. A metaphysical/spiritual shop can host weekly meditation meetings. Come up with an idea that’s compatible with your store and popular with your customer base.

Promote your events online and in your store to maximize the event’s crowd.

Use Location-Based Services

Use technology to your business’s advantage: advertise and offer deals on different platforms.

Make sure the platforms are location-based.

If you set up a business account on Google, people can “check-in” to your store. Whoever “checks in” at your store will display your store’s name on their social media feed. Their social media friends will see the post.

This is free advertising and likely to attract new customers.

You can also offer special deals on platforms like Groupon, FourSquare, Living Social, and ThinkNear. If you want to bring in new business during down hours, host special sales during that time and advertise them on one of these platforms.

Reach Out To The Community

Getting involved with your local community can spread the word about your store.

Take a step outside your store and check out the demographics of who walks by your store. For instance, how old are they? Then find ways you could appeal to them.

Try being a sponsor for a local youth sports team. You could offer special discounts to team members (and their parents). If you sponsor the team enough, they just might print your store’s name on their uniform.

Participate in fundraisers or start your own. Make sure the cause is something that appeals to your customer base.


Everyone loves freebies. Entice people with freebies by letting passersby know about them via signs or word of mouth.

Offering free coffee or tea will attract customers to your store. You’ll also gain a positive reputation for your overall customer service experience.

Give out free promotional items with your store’s name and logo on them. Every time the person uses these items around other people, you’re getting more advertising.

If your business serves food, hand out free samples, especially if you’re in an area with a lot of foot traffic. Free samples increase the likelihood of making a sale. In some cases, free samples have increased profits by up to 2,000%.

Welcome The World Into Your Store

Nearly 46% of all people make major purchases in stores. Increase your foot traffic and reap the financial benefits.

Go above and beyond: offer people something they won’t find elsewhere.

Your small business can make a big boom. Learn more about owning a small business and all the details involved. It’ll enhance your perspective.