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5 Tips for Advertising Your YouTube Channel

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel: 5 Simple Tips

Since there are so many YouTube channels out there, it’s not enough to simply have good content, you also have to advertise effectively. Click here to learn how to promote your YouTube channel.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the face of the planet.

What kind of numbers does a search engine need to put up to be second in the world? Over a billion monthly users watching 5 billion videos each and every day.

What today’s trend of online video watching obsession means for your YouTube channel is that there is tremendous opportunity to engage a massive audience through the platform. The bad news is that there is also a lot of competition.

In order to cut through the YouTube clutter, you’re going to need some great how to promote your YouTube channel strategies.

Below, our team outlines some of our absolute favorites!

1. Make Your Channel Look Professional

When people first get set up on YouTube, they automatically get what’s called a YouTube Channel. This channel is a place where users can check out all of your content in a single place.

The default channel you’ll get hooked up with is… pretty bare bones.

Fortunately, you can upgrade your channel to heighten your professionalism and increase engagement.

Some fun ways to do this include integrating your social media networks, creating playlists, adding your website link, filling in your channel bio and of course, creating an incredible YouTube channel banner with a great YouTube banner maker.

2. Get Social Media Savvy

The more reach you can give your videos, the better chance they have of getting views. The more views your videos get, the higher they’ll rank in future user searches.

Be sure to share your videos across your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media networks as these are great methods of how to promote your YouTube channel!

3. Understand SEO Basics

SEO (search engine optimization) means giving YouTube contextual clues as to what your videos are about so it can connect them with more users.

You can achieve this by writing very descriptive video descriptions. You can also help your efforts by having a descriptive, enticing title and transcribing your video.

4. Make Awesome Thumbnails

Pictures are worth a thousand words and consequently, a great YouTube video thumbnail does a lot to create engagement.

No matter if you’re sharing your video on Facebook or if your video is just surfacing via YouTube’s native search, if you have a great thumbnail it will do wonders!

5. Get Active in the Community

Wanna know the best way how to promote your YouTube channel?

Get involved in the YouTube Community.

Very few people succeed on YouTube without contributing to other’s success. So share other people’s videos! Like them! Subscribe and comment!

Committing just an hour a day to engaging with other people’s videos on YouTube will do wonders for your YouTube channel marketing efforts!

Wrapping Up How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

People who post videos on YouTube have an excellent opportunity to engage with billions of people.

In order to create the conditions to actually reach those people among all of the other uploaders, we recommend practicing the how to promote your YouTube channel tips above.

Doing things as simple as being active in the YouTube community and sharing your videos in as many places as possible can take a channel from obscurity to obscene success in just a few months.

So get active marketing your YouTube content and stay consistent!

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