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5 Super Effective Tips on How to Sell Food Online

Selling food on the web is actually not as difficult as you might think. Click here to learn some effective tips on how to sell food online.

You’ve got an amazing food product and a dream of selling it. The recipe is tested and has been perfected. All the feedback you’ve received says it would make a good and profitable product.

But, how do you figure out how to sell food online? Here, we’ve provided the clues you need to make it happen.

5 Tips on How to Sell Food Online

Here are some of the most effective ways to prepare yourself to run a virtual small food business.

1. Know Your Licensing and Regulations

Looking into licensing and regulations for selling food? It’s a good idea, because you’ll need to run a legal and safe food business. Besides, you don’t want someone to get sick from something you sold them.

Check your country, state and region! Regulations for food safety and handling tend to vary based on where you cook.

In the US, you’ll likely use Cottage Food Laws. Contact your health department for more information.

You’ll need to contact the local and state government to license your business. Most now have online access to licensing services.

2. Develop a Marketing Plan

Marketing your online food sales is important. Where you talk about it and how people find out about it are the key components to a good marketing plan.

Branding your product goes a long way in making it attractive and memorable to a customer. You need to appeal to your audience. Make your brand simple and stand by it.

Social Media is a great place to talk about your business. Create a page for your food shop and start sharing! Talk to an SEO expert to find out how to make your business easy to find online.

3. Plan for Local Service or Shipping

Providing local products to local customers? Plan for courier service instead of shipping. You can deliver your product to their doorstep!

Shipping across the nation costs money. If you plan to ship around the world, you’ll pay even more. Plan ahead for a shipping rate that doesn’t lose your business money.

Shipping rates are customizable in most online shopping cart services. You can set a flat rate or one that calculates based on zip code.

Plan ahead for any bagging, boxes or parcel packaging you need for your shipping the product. Consider whether you need refrigerated packaging or not.

4. Create an Online Store

A lot goes into setting up an online shop. Yet, there are plenty of resources out there to help you.

Here are a few things you might need for your online store.

  • A domain name that refers to your business name
  • A Logo and branding images
  • A website with a front page for menus and navigation
  • Products page to view descriptions of your food items
  • Amazing images of your products
  • Shopping Cart and Check Out service
  • Contacts Page

For a great example, check out the Lexington Salad Restaurant! Their website is attractive, informative and simple for customers to use.

5. Stay Connected to Your Customers

The online market is vast, and selling in it is different than opening up a physical shop. Your customers will only see your website when they shop.

Here are a few ideas to help you create a personal connection.

  • Write a blog about your product or cooking and baking techniques
  • Put a personal story on your website
  • Video chat on social media
  • Enclose a personal, hand signed thank you card in each order
  • Give them free products

Start Your Online Food Shop Today

You know how to sell food online, now. Don’t wait for someday to make this dream a reality! Make a plan and start selling food online, today.

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