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Wanted Dead or Alive: How to Get Maine Lobster Even If You Live in a Landlocked State

In 2016, Maine recorded the largest catch of lobster ever. The catch was 130 million pounds of lobster, which clocked in at a whopping worth of $533 million.

Needless to say, the Maine lobster industry is booming, and there’s a lot of lobster out there for you to buy.

That might seem easier said than done if you live somewhere else than Maine. But you can still get Maine lobster.

How to Get Maine Lobster No Matter Where You Live

You might have had lobster, but you haven’t really had lobster until you’ve had lobster from Maine. Get Maine lobster and taste the difference it can make from the other lobsters near you.

Freshness is Important

Eating seafood that isn’t fresh can make you seriously ill. When you’re looking for seafood, make sure that you’re choosing only places that you trust or have built up a good reputation from others.

You can enjoy lobster any time of year, but peak lobster season is around late June to the end of December. That’s when the lobsters are the most active and the most vulnerable to the catch.

They’re migrating to the shore to get closer to warmer waters and come out in droves. They’ve molted, and are hungry and easy to catch.

Softshell lobsters are usually cheaper than hard-shell lobsters. Hardshell lobsters haven’t molted yet, so they have more meat.

Female lobsters are known to be the most flavorful because the roe eggs help end to the overall flavor. To tell the difference, females usually have wider tails than male lobsters.

The more active the lobster is, the more tender the meat is. So if you’re scanning for a good lobster, the liveliest ones are your best bet.

You Can Get it Online

In cool conditions, lobster can stay alive for several days. That’s good news for you when it comes to ordering Maine lobster online. That means that no matter where you live, you can order it straight to you.

When you get seafood online, you have to make sure the place that you’re getting it from is reputable. That’s why the only place to get seafood online is Crab Dynasty.

Lobster isn’t the only option that you can choose from. You can also get fresh fish, soft shell crab, oysters, and more. It’s all delivered fresh to your door in special coolers that are sealed up to ensure the utmost freshness.

Yes, you can do anything online these days, from running your own small business to getting Maine lobster delivered to your door.

Go Surfing for Lobster

When you get Maine lobster, you need to make sure that you know how to eat it. Once you do, you’re almost ready to enjoy your meal.

Finally, make sure you’re being cautious when you’re purchasing things online. You don’t want to be fishing for the best lobster that you can buy and find yourself caught in a phishing scam on the internet.

Everything’s all set, and all you need to do is get sit back and wait to feast.