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Decorate for Success: Professional Office Decor Ideas for Your Small Business

The average American will spend 90,000 hours of their life at work. 

As if that wasn’t bad enough, slaving away in dreary and cramped workspaces can make every one of those hours feel like an eternity. 

Our work environments should feel like homes away from home. After all, we certainly spend enough time in them to devote a little care and attention to the way we decorate. Not only will this brighten up your workspace, but you’ll also benefit from a more productive and enthusiastic team. 

Check out these professional office decor ideas for inspiration!

Opt for Lighter Wall Colors

For a quick and economical way to brighten up your workspace, painting is the way to go. It also promises an instant transformation that will lighten the mood of your entire office. 

Corporate office decor used to be all about deep and somber colors, but now most businesses favor lighter shades. Light hues on the walls add light and make your workspace feel more alive. 

Appeal to All Senses

As well as the look of your office, it’s important to consider how your office decor can appeal to all your senses. 

Workplace productivity can take a nosedive if we’re too hot or too cold. Be sure to install a thermostat to always keep your office at a comfortable temperature. Likewise, if your office is a sun trap, vertical blinds can help dress your windows and control natural light. 

For small office decor that creates an inviting atmosphere, consider adding essential oil diffusers. And, aim to limit disruptions by placing noisy shredders, coffee machines and printers in a separate space. 

Select Flexible Furniture

Furniture such as a comfortable office chair and a desk are essentials for your office space

But, for pieces that work twice as hard, flexible furniture is the way to go. The possibilities include stackable cabinets, adjustable desks and even entire workspaces which can be packed away in a cupboard.

This way you can change your furniture around to suit different tasks and different team members as and when you want. This also makes it easier to switch to an open plan layout for more effective communication between team members. 

Bring the Outside In

One of the simplest and most effective ways to motivate your team is to add plants to your office environment.

Not only do they look great and add life to your office, but studies also show that plants boost our mood and improve concentration and memory. Low-maintenance leafy options which help freshen the air include bamboo palms, Chinese evergreens, and ficus plants. 

Get Organized

With limited space to work with, small work office decorating ideas should make organization a priority. 

Clutter can build up over time. But, if there’s nowhere to store this clutter, this is a clear design fault rather than the product of an untidy team. 

Every piece of mail, folder, pen, and paperclip should have a designated area. If not, there are many attractive and functional accessories to help you get organized, as well as plenty of DIY options to consider.  

Professional Office Decor Ideas

By seeking to create a more attractive working environment, professional office decor can also help increase productivity and team success. After all, happy workers are more productive workers!

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