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Boosting Company Camaraderie: The 5 Best Places to Take a Corporate Retreat

If your team is in need of a real morale boost, there is nothing better than a vacation. Click here to check out the 5 best corporate retreat locations.

Away days are great for short-term morale-boosting exercises, but a longer corporate retreat will pay dividends in the long-term.

Staff will have more time to truly get to know each other, and improved relationships will have a significant impact on overall productivity and efficiency.

In addition, your team will feel valued as individuals as you invest more in them than a standard team-building day. A retreat that builds in time for relaxation and self-care shows that you care about their personal development as much as their teamwork.

Here are five of the best corporate retreat locations to treat your team, boost morale, and improve productivity.

Five Corporate Retreat Locations for Team Bonding

Take a few days away from the office with your team at one of these amazing corporate retreats.

1. Full Moon Resort, Big Indian, New York

Take your team back to nature with the country resort at Full Moon. A calm and rustic location, this country inn is perfectly placed for team-building activities.

Nestled in mountain foothills, this idyllic location offers plenty of things to do, from fishing in the nearby creek to day-long hikes to the peak.

A digital detox will help your staff to engage with each other and improve their interpersonal skills.

2. Canyon Ranch, Tuscon, Arizona

A world-renowned luxury spa is the perfect place to treat your top performers. The Canyon Ranch wellness resort offers a bespoke approach to relaxation and restoration programs.

If you’re not convinced a spa break is the way to go, consider the benefits compared to an active trip. The mental space provided by a spa resort will help your team to connect on a deeper level.

Not only will this allow people to connect on a deeper level, but they will also be afforded thinking space that a more active resort might not provide. If you’re desperate for a company breakthrough, this could be the best corporate resort for your team.

3. Flathead Lake Lodge, Montana

Take time out with your team on a classic ranch. Learn to ride horses, take on the trails, and try your hand at some wrangling.

Flathead Lake Lodge is close enough to an airport to make travel a breeze, yet far enough into the wild, you’ll feel in the middle of nowhere. With conference rooms as well as outdoor activities, you’ll be able to make the most out of a retreat to Montana.

The private setting and bespoke itineraries mean that you can choose exactly how to spend your time on a productive – yet restorative – retreat.

4. Tour Around Turkey

Why not take a workation with your team? Instead of just a few days, uproot the team (or entire office!) and go abroad for a truly bonding experience.

Introduce remote working a few days each week to keep your business running, and spend the rest of your time visiting local attractions. The change in pace, culture, and environment will be inspiring and help your team tackle challenges in new ways.

Find a Turkey travel agency to help plan your trip with the knowledge of locals, and make sure you don’t miss out on any must-do activities.

5. Gateway Canyons Resort and Spa, Colorado

For a getaway that satisfies the need for active events and relaxing spa treatments, try the Gateway Canyons Resort.

Start your week with some breakout sessions in the conference rooms, then let your team enjoy the various activities on offer. Spend evenings in the theater, or make the most of the foodie opportunities for gastronomic delights.

For the more adventurous, you could take a hike on the nearby nature trails or even take advantage of exclusive air tours – it really is the retreat you make it.

Focus on Year-Round Wellness

These corporate retreat locations all offer an opportunity for your team to start finding a mind/body balance that’ll benefit them at work.

If you don’t stay dedicated to improving their wellness around the year, though, the benefits of a retreat could be lost. Here are some top tips for boosting staff wellness throughout the year.