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Does Your Business Appear Trustworthy? How to Build Brand Trust

Is Your Business Trustworthy? How to Build Brand Trust

How do you convince customers to choose your business over the competition? Trust. Read this for tips on building brand trust to convert and retain customers.

What’s the importance of a brand’s trust?

Without it, consumers won’t have the confidence to purchase your products or services. It can literally be the difference between your business succeeding or flopping.

This is what makes brand building so important. Brand trust is a major component of earning new customers.

But how do you go about building trust for your business?

Well, there are key components that make a brand trustworthy in the eyes of consumers. In the following guide, we will cover some of the aspects you should focus on when building brand trust.

The Character of Your Business

Now, there are two ways you can demonstrate good characteristics in your business. It’s about your intent and integrity.

For example, if your intent is to sell to people without really caring to get to know your audience, they will sense this. No consumer wants to be just another number or name in your database. If you can’t show that you care about them and their needs, then it will hurt your image and brand trust.

You can also showcase your intent by being very transparent and open. For instance, if you’re looking to hike up prices because of higher oil rates, then talk about this to your audience, so they can understand the reasoning behind your decision.

You don’t want to come off as a greedy, money-grubbing organization. It’s all about your integrity. Being honest, fair and authentic.

Every piece of content you create, whether it’s for information or advertising should showcase these characteristics. You’ll have a much easier time building up trust and your customer base.

The Competence of Your Business

Obviously, consumers want to buy from brands that demonstrate a high level of competency. If your employees seem incapable, unskilled or lacking knowledge and experience, then it’s only going to hurt your chances of building trust.

Imagine hiring a plumber to your home that causes more harm than good. Or once they leave, your small pipe leak turns into a burst pipe that floods your home.

If you can convince consumers that you’re the best in your field, then you’ll have an easier time converting them.

One way to do this is to showcase the results of your product or service. You can do so by showing you have a great reputation. This is exactly what testimonials and reviews are for.

If you have mentions by influencers in the industry or popular magazines and news stations, then even better. Your credibility is what will help prove you’re worthy of shopping with.

If you’re the company with a high-performance rate, then you’re more than likely going to be the go-to brand to shop with. For example, if you sell leather tool belts, you want to show that yours are the best in the industry. Then prove it with testimonials from past customers.

There’s nothing like social proof to convince consumers to buy a brand.

The History of Your Business

You’ll frequently hear companies boast about being in the industry for many decades.

It’s true–the longer you’ve been in business, the better it will look for your brand. There’s rapport with the older companies that have been around for a long time.

You can find past customers who can either vouch for a brand that’s been around for quite some time. Focus on keeping your doors open and avoid changing your business name so you can build the same type of rapport and history for your company.

Using Subtlety in Marketing

There’s nothing worse than in-your-face advertisements. Today’s consumers know when they’re being advertised to and absolutely loathe it. Consumers receive your brand messaging better when you genuinely share information that can help them.

Rather than advertising how great your pest control services are, you can publish blog posts about how to keep pests at bay. Or how to identify when you’re being infested by certain types of pests.

While you’re helping visitors with their problems, you’re also showcasing your expertise and authority. You leave a link at the end that takes them to your services page. Now that the user trusts your knowledge, they’re more than likely to trust your services as well.

In a nutshell, it’s better to show your expertise than to simply talk about it.

Being Relatable to Your Audience

A great example for this is Apple. This company did such a great job at relating to their customer base, so much so, it developed die-hard fans.

We can’t really say the same for HP and other computer companies that took a more traditional route to their advertising and product production.

Apple was a leader in innovation and everything cool with the youth (across multiple generations). The iPod, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook will forever be known for setting the trends that the youth gravitated towards in the technology field.

But it’s not just about being hip and youthful.

If your target audience is the elderly, then you have to resonate with this group. What do they care about? Maybe it’s certain charitable causes or touching on pain points they have.

For example, if you sell home health aide services, you can share info, tips, and resources for improving their lives. This might include how to remember taking their meds or planning for the holidays when your children live far away.

Research is key to understanding your audience, so your content is relative to their situations and needs and helps build brand trust.

Brand Trust Is Just the Beginning

There’s so much to learn about running a successful business. While brand trust is an integral part of this, it’s only one area you need to focus on.

Besides reputation, you have to ensure your product or service is up to par. Plus, you may need to find ways to better manage your company so it’s more productive and profitable.

You can find all sorts of tips and tricks right here that can benefit your large entity or a home-based business.

Stop by today to see what you can learn to help turn your business into a trusted and profitable organization.