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Flush or Bust: 5 Easy, Effective Marketing Tips for Plumbers

Are you the primary owner and operator of a plumbing business? Are your marketing efforts lacking? 

Well, marketing isn’t always easy. It takes not only time and effort, but a good deal of knowledge as well. You can’t effectively market your business until you know how. 

Looking for a little help? If so, you’re reading the right article. Here are 5 easy, effective plumber marketing tips. 

1. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

First and foremost, your business needs a website. There’s no way to get by in business today without one. 

When creating your website, you need to put a focus on SEO, or search engine optimization. This is a process in which you build your website with a focus on search engine viability. The key is to rank high on search engines such as Google. 

SEO can be complicated for those who are not in the know. For this reason, it’s often wise to hire a SEO agency. Such an agency will work to optimize your SEO, helping your website get noticed by people in your area. 

2. Post on Social Media Frequently 

Another key to modern business marketing is posting on social media. If your plumbing business doesn’t have accounts on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, it’s missing out on potential customers.

Generally, it’s a good idea to post on these platforms at least once a day. You should focus on providing value to you followers. You can do this in a number of ways, posting informational videos, blog posts, and other relevant content. 

It’s also a good idea to advertise your social media accounts on your website, as seen at Doing this helps build your follower list. 

3. Add Your Business to Online Business Listings

Another easy to way to advertise for your plumbing business is by putting your business’s name on online business listings. Doing this not only makes your business visible in many different areas, it also helps familiarize it with search engines. 

There is no shortage of business listings to utilize. Some of the most popular business listings for plumbers include Google My Business, Angie’s List, and Yellowbook. 

4. Make Demonstration Videos 

In the digital age, creating content is a vital part of business marketing. There are all types of content that you can and should create (blog posts, infographics, etc.), but the ones that often get the most traffic are videos. 

Making plumbing instructional videos and posting them to your social media pages is a great way to attract new customers. These videos don’t necessarily have to be of high quality; They just need to provide value. 

5. Show Up to Local Events 

One last marketing option is to show up to local events. Events such as trade shows and festivals make great places for small business owners to network with potential customers and fellow business owners. 

Make sure you come ready to market yourself. Wear a short sporting your company’s name, set up a banner sporting your company’s name, and have plenty of business cards to pass out. 

Need More Help With Your Plumber Marketing Efforts?

While the above-reviewed tips are integral to plumber marketing, they are really only the tip of the iceberg. There is much more involved with the process. 

Do you need further help with marketing? If so, you’re in the right place. Small Business Brief is loaded with useful information about marketing. 

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