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3 Traits To Look For When Hiring For Pharmacy Tech Jobs

A job as a pharmacy technician is a great paying, entry-level position essential to the function of any pharmacy. A certified technician can help people understand medication and dosage information that doctors might have failed to explain. There are lots of great candidates to choose from when a pharmacy is looking to fill pharmacy tech jobs.

But how can you tell when someone has those special qualities that will improve the morale and efficiency of your pharmacy?

You need to look beyond just a resume and technical skills to see how good they are at problem-solving and self-starting.

To figure out which candidates are best for your pharmacy tech jobs, look for these three qualities.

1. Empathy

Just like any other medical professional, pharmacists will see repeat patients again and again over the years. It’s essential that any candidate knows what it takes to build a relationship with clients.

Beyond the basic human connection, having customers come in feeling familiar and understood will create a more relaxing environment for everyone. Customers who feel listened to will refill their prescriptions on time, follow directions, and bring in a positive attitude when they visit.

Empathetic candidates will know how to add personal touches in order to make everyone feel special.

This takes a special quality on the part of the pharmacy tech. Building trust takes time, understanding, and patience. Greeting customers with a smile and by name when possible will add to the success of your pharmacy and the quality of the work environment.

2. Work Quality

Every candidate you interview will swear up and down that they pay attention to details. But how often do you ask them what they mean by that?

Their references should be able to give you an idea of whether or not the quality of their work was as excellent as they claim. Candidates who’ve shown examples of having taken ownership over their successes and mistakes are the best candidates for the job.

Ask for stories with specific details and examples that describe how they’ve succeeded with patients in the past. They should be able to give the kinds of stories of being able to suggest alternatives to popular medications like exchanging Premarin for Cenestin.

They should also have been able to direct patients to see more about any changes in their medications.

3. Eager To Learn

The most common refrain from hard-to-work-with employees is “it’s not my job.” Whether its something as simple as taking out the trash to serving a customer that another employee hasn’t finished with, it’s bad for any work environment.

If a task needs to be done, a good candidate should jump at the chance to participate. If they don’t know the details of how to complete the task, they should be humble enough to ask for help.

Every day should be a learning experience and this should be a fact for all pharmacy tech jobs.

Pharmacy Tech Jobs Are A Great Career

If you’ve got positions to fill, you should know that you’re offering one of the best career paths on the market today. The healthcare industry is booming and wherever they can get in, any smart candidate would jump at the chance to work for a great pharmacy.

If you’re ready to find your next pharmacy tech candidate, reach out to us for more information on what to do next.