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5 Tips For Pharmacy Marketing You Need To Know For 2018

Pharmacies perform an important function to society, most notably as a filler of prescriptions and a provider of medicine. And with all the current establishments, it’s important to crank out top-notch pharmacy marketing to stand out.

But how do you formulate a plan for success for your pharmacy? We’ve got you covered in the following article with some insider tips.

Read on to educate yourself on the methods and process for pharmacy marketing in the new year!

Pharmacy Marketing Made Simple: 5 Easy Steps

Here are some easy means to market your pharmacy and distinguish yourself as a caring and savvy business to customers:

1. Find Out What Your Customer Wants

As with any product or service, a company offers something that customers want or need. So, in order to truly set yourself apart from the competition, you need to find out what it is your customer is looking for.

There are various ways of determining what service or product customers are going for in place of others (beyond looking at current inventory and past sales). The most notable might be the ever-faithful survey.

Gauge customers with surveys either online through channels like social media or include them in-store at the register or on receipts.

2. Implement Your Findings in Advertising

Once you’ve figured out the hot products, broadcast those offerings wherever your customers gather.

Obviously, the internet is a top priority considering that nearly 70% of Americans currently use some form of social media. Run banners and ads, and see if there are any local resources like papers and magazines that will let you advertise.

3. Build a Local Network

It’s important for any pharmacy to form lasting partnerships with the local medical scene if they’re looking for success. Pharmacies can benefit by building relationships with other clinics or medical practices in the area.

Getting to know local doctors and their practices, building trust and rapport, can do wonders for your clientele! If nothing else, doctors can suggest your pharmacy as a reliable place to do business, essentially passing patients on to your company.

4. Highlight Your Products

Special products (or popular products) need to stand out both in your store and in advertisements.

Consider a specialized product like Save Rite Medical medihoney paste. It’s unique properties, such as its 95% active leptospermum honey, can be highlighted and made into banners or ads.

These ads can appear in store windows or in banners and pictures around the inside. Talk about products and feature details on marquees for those driving past the store. You can even run spotlight ads in those same papers and magazines.

5. Run Specials

A sure way to engage your target customer is to offer them a deal they can’t get anywhere else. You can market this deal anywhere you have an existing channel, from social media to newspaper coupon sections.

When it’s flu season, you can offer discounted vaccines or discounted medication to encourage more customers into the store. Your pharmacy can also market things like eye or ear exams at lower rates to draw in new customers.

Take Our Advice and Run With It

These tactics can be applied throughout your product or service selection to amp up pharmacy marketing. However, it’s up to you to determine what it is your customer is after and how to offer it to them like no one else can.

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