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Quality Care: How to Run a Nursing Home Successfully

In the United States, there are about 15,600 nursing homes. Do you own one of these nursing homes? Maybe you’re considering opening or operating one of these facilities.

Like any business, operating a nursing home comes with its own challenges. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced or novice administrator, you must learn all you can about running a nursing home. Don’t know how to run a nursing home?

We’ve got you covered. We’ll tell you the basics you must understand to run a successful five star home care. Keep reading for your guide to turning your facility into a five-star nursing home.

How to Run a Nursing Home: Tips to Take Your Facility to the Next Level

When you decided to open or operate a nursing home, you wanted to help the elderly. While it may be challenging taking care of the seniors at your facility, implementing the right plan you can get your facility to make the five-star nursing homes list.

Not sure what to focus on? Here are 5 tips to take your facility to the next level.

1. Make Sure Your Facility Meets the Licensing Requirements

Running a successful facility starts with meeting the regulatory licensing requirements. You must focus on maintaining your facility licenses to keep your Medicaid and Medicare certifications.

If you’re unsure about your licensing requirements, you should consult an expert and the regulatory agencies. Also, you should consider applying for any additional licenses or certifications that can improve your facility’s ranking. Don’t forget to advertise your certifications and licenses in all your nursing home marketing strategies.

2. Improve Your Patient Care to Increase Your CMS Rating

The reputation of a successful nursing home strives on the quality of patient care provided. You should focus on looking for ways to improve your current patient care to attract more patients. The regulatory agencies created the CMS rating to help families, patients, and caregivers learn about the quality of care provided by the facility.

Your nursing home will receive a 1 to 5-star overall and separate ratings for certain operational aspects. The three aspects rated are quality measures from current residents, staffing hours of care provided and the latest health inspections. Your facility rating is published on the website.

3. Spend on Equipment and Facility Improvements

Some people say that you must spend to earn money. Nursing homes aren’t an exemption to this rule. You should consider purchasing the latest equipment and facility improvements.

Using the latest technology and equipment can attract more residents. These facility improvements will help your team provide the best quality care to your residents.

Also, tools such as this care planning software can lower your costs by keeping records of your patient care services. It will prevent residents from receiving unnecessary care and provide your own internal audit.

4. Hire the Right Team

Your caregiving and office team are the key to operating a successful nursing home. When you hire staff members, you should consider qualified caregivers and professionals. It’s recommended to focus on hiring experienced and certified professionals.

The Bottom Line

While every resident has their own needs, you should focus on the overall quality of care provided at your facility. It’s recommended to develop your own plan that covers from licensing to hiring practices. We’re confident that if you follow our how to run a nursing home tips, your facility will earn that coveted five-star rating in no time.

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