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Your Ultimate Guide to Running the Best SMS Marketing Campaigns!

Are you ready to learn the best SMS marketing ideas?

SMS marketing is quickly becoming the next big thing in marketing. It’s an affordable way to communicate with your customers, and it’s how they prefer to communicate with your business.

Not to mention that they’re that much more effective than email. About 90% of text messages are opened within the first three minutes of someone receiving them. Not to mention that they have a much higher conversion rate than other forms of advertising.

How can you leverage the power of SMS marketing? Check out these tips to find out.

Make a Plan for Your Marketing

One of the earliest mistakes made by businesses who sign up for SMS marketing services is to just start sending text messages to their customers.

The customers get alarmed and they will ask to get off of your list. They may also be confused about the content that you’re sending to them.

The best SMS idea is to plan out your campaigns in advance, the same way you’d create a digital marketing plan. How will SMS marketing fit in with what you’re already doing? How can they complement each other?

This will start getting you to think about the broader picture of your marketing and your business.

Don’t Just Rehash the Same Content on SMS

For businesses already promoting content on social media, it’s tempting to just publish the same old thing that you posted on Instagram and send that as a text message.

Don’t do it.

People will respond to text messages much differently than to social media content. Both are effective ways to market as long as you’re thinking like your customer.

People look at text messages quickly, decide if it’s worth looking into further. If it’s something of interest, like a sale, they’ll consider buying. If not, they’ll move on.

With social media, people are looking at pictures and are in a mindset to watch videos and stories. This is a great way to promote your brand through storytelling. A customer success story is a great example of that.

The Best SMS Marketing Ideas

How can you make the most of SMS marketing? Check out these ideas that you can incorporate into your marketing plan.

Flash Sales

Flash sales are great for a short burst of activity and a small boost in sales. If you’re a retailer or online store, you can send out random messages with a 3-5 hour window to make a purchase.

You want to do them sparingly and at random times. You don’t want to train your customers that a sale is coming up and they should wait for the next sale to make a purchase.

Another thing to be careful of with flash sales and discounts is that if you do them all the time, you’re going to get price shoppers to your business. They don’t tend to be loyal customers and will leave you if the same product is priced lower elsewhere.

Add Value

No matter what you do in your marketing, you always want to add value to the lives of your customers. That’s how you’ll create loyal customers who stick around for a long time.

You can do tips related to your industry and how that relates to them living a better life. In health or wellness, you can text short health tips and reminders to your customers.

Product Announcements

Do you have a brand-new product line coming out? You can use SMS marketing to build up product announcements and announce a product release.

If you have a product coming out next month, give fans a teaser in less than 160 characters and give them a site to click through to.

You can continue teasing them until the full product release date.

Set Goals for Your Campaigns

After you send a few campaigns and get a feel for SMS messaging, you’re going to want to take the best SMS marketing ideas to another level.

To do that, you’re going to have to track exactly how your SMS campaigns are working for you. You’ll want to know the open rate, the response rate, and conversion rate. These will be easy to attain from your SMS messaging provider.

You’ll understand what your customers respond to and you’ll see which campaigns are the ones to keep doing or quit.

In-House Discounts

In-house discounts are an effective way to get people to shop or eat at your physical location. You can do an SMS message at 9:30 am offering a lunch discount with that text message. This will give people enough time to plan their lunch and show up in person.

How to Get Started with SMS Marketing

In order to get started with SMS marketing, you’re going to need to choose an SMS provider. After all, you wouldn’t send text messages to your entire list in one message, would you? That would be like sending out a mass email and forgetting to bcc the list.

You’ll have to shop around for SMS marketing services. There are a few main things to look for in an SMS provider. 

 You’ll want to compare the full costs of the service, the integrations with your existing systems, and the reporting available.

You also want to look at the reliability and support that you’ll get by signing up. Some companies offer very limited customer support while others are hands-on and help you get your account set up.

SMS Marketing Ideas to Grow Business

SMS marketing is quickly becoming the most cost-effective way to grow your business.

Some of the best SMS ideas are flash sales and discounts. SMS marketing can also be used to develop long lasting relationships with clients, like wishing customers a happy birthday.

Keep in mind that SMS marketing is a great way to communicate, and when you integrate SMS with other marketing methods, the power of your marketing grows.

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