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7 Tips for Marketing Your Plastic Surgery Practice on Social Media

How to Market a Plastic Surgery Practice

Are you looking to get the word out about your plastic surgery practice? Social media can be a great tool Read on to find out how it’s done.

It’s now standard for businesses of every size to spend about 35% of their marketing budget, an average of $75,000 a year, on digital ads. For any business owner not familiar with digital advertising, this could sound like money sent up into thin air. But as the number of people who find out about companies via social media creeps toward 75%, your plastic surgery practice needs to be marketing there.

If you’re new to digital marketing, you’d be surprised how well you can target your customers via social media adware. Social media algorithms are able to target specific users by where they live, what their interests are, and other things they’ve clicked on in the past.

With social media marketing, your ad dollars will be spent with precision. If you’re ready to get in the game, follow these 7 tips for success in marketing your plastic surgery practice on social media.

1. Assign A Social Media Point Person

If you have someone working on digital media in your office already, you should assign them tasks related to being a social media manager. If their plate is already full, you could hire a new person or outsource to a digital marketing agency.

The most important thing is that you have someone who has a dedicated focus on building your social media profile. The advantages of hiring someone in-house is that they will understand your practice and your company culture better than an outsider.

By hiring a digital marketing company, you could get expertise that you might not be able to cultivate within your office. A plastic surgery practice requires a unique perspective and strategies specific to the industry. If you decide to outsource a team, make sure they know about your industry before you hire them.

2. Make Clear and Focused Goals

A social media campaign without specific goals won’t be able to produce strong results. If you don’t have clear goals in mind, you won’t know whether you’ve achieved the result you wanted or where to go if you think you have.

Set goals related to revenue. Make posts about certain procedures and offerings and see if you get responses related to them.

Think about what your goals are long-term and short-term. Do you simply want more followers or do you want more people in your office? Do you want to increase certain kinds of low-cost services or do you want people looking for big-ticket procedures?

Knowing what your goals are will allow you to steer your strategy toward your intentions.

3. Post Regularly

One of the great things about social media is the ability to engage with professional and companies from all over the world. Taking a few days or weeks off from social media means you’ll be catching up.

Social media algorithms reward users who appear frequently and consistently. If your plastic surgery practice is posting often enough, you’ll be rewarded with higher priority in your followers’ feeds.

Come up with a calendar for types of posts you want to write and when. You can plan them around promotions, around seasonal trends, or when you anticipate business to slow down.

Sign up for analytics software so that you can see which posts get the most engagement and try to cater your posts toward what your customers want. Look into search engine optimization and use those tactics in tandem with your social media strategy for the ultimate one-two punch.

4. Communicate With Your Audience

Your potential and current clients might post questions or comments for you on your social media posts. Don’t let any comment go unanswered.

Responding within 12 hours is the ideal window to let customers know that you’re listening. As your business grows, you might not be able to respond to every comment. Find a way to prioritize which users you respond to so that you can use every minute on social media to help your business grow.

5. Connect To Other People In The Field

While you might think that your plastic surgery practice is in competition with every other office out there, that’s not necessarily the case. Not every office is best suited to handle every type of patient and there will be times when you have to refer your patients to someone else.

Having a network of other plastic surgeons you’re connected to on social media will allow you to refer patients to one another. You’ll also be able to see what kinds of tactics other offices are using and how you could be growing your own practice.

Start by linking to Simmons Plastic Surgery and following what they do on social media.

6. Create Social Media Deals

Promotions that are exclusive to followers or people who comment on certain social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular. Through social media, you can roll out a flash promotion in minutes and set an expiration date that will spike engagement.

Have different promotions for each social media channel. This way your followers will want to be connected to you on every platform.

7. Create A Company Social Media Policy

While you might get excited to start having everyone contributing to your company social media profile, you need to remain professional. Your brand is valuable and everyone needs to be contributing to it at all times.

Trust and discretion are important to every client of your plastic surgery practice. For some, their before photos are extremely sensitive and privileged information. Everyone in the office has a responsibility to care for the medical data of each of your clients.

Putting a strong policy in place in advance of any incidents will allow everyone to know what the rules are. While it might be common sense that employees shouldn’t post screenshots of photos or medical charts on their personal social media, put it in writing. That way you can hold people accountable if they violate these rules.

Social Media Brings Major Traffic To A Plastic Surgery Practice

If you’re just starting out or you’ve had a tough time bringing a younger audience to your plastic surgery practice, social media marketing could be the answer.

So many apps and extensions related to social media are about looking good. Instead of using apps to clear up blemishes and imperfections, users could be coming to your office instead of stuck on their phones.

If you’re ready to take your office’s digital marketing to the next level, contact us for more tips on how to make social media work for you.