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7 Tips for Getting Yelp Reviews

How to Get Yelp Reviews – 

Yelp reviews can give your business a serious boost. But, how do you get Yelp reviews in the first place? Read on to learn 7 ways it’s done.

Every year, nearly 150 million people visit the business review website Yelp. No wonder business owners around the world are constantly looking for ways to get Yelp reviews.

There are a host of benefits to getting more reviews on your Yelp profile. Better reviews mean that potential customers are more likely to visit your establishment, which translates to more sales.

If you get Yelp reviews, it amounts to more than just a simple popularity contest. It is a way for you to grow your business model in exciting ways.

Luckily, we have seven tips that will help you get more quality reviews on your Yelp account.

1. “Find Us On Yelp”

Yelp recommends that you don’t directly ask patrons to post reviews on your page. However, they do say that you can suggest that they check out your page on the website. It may seem like there is no difference, but there is a slight nuance.

They say that when you ask for a review you are encouraging the customer to leave a positive review. Furthermore, they say that you might only be likely to tell customers who had good experiences to leave you reviews.

The idea here is that by telling customers with good experiences only to leave a review, you are adding a layer of bias to your Yelp review page. Instead, by telling everyone to check you out on Yelp, you are encouraging everyone to visit your profile and leave a review — regardless of their experience.

2. Get A “YELP” Sign

There are a variety of Yelp signs available here. If you get a sign, everyone will see it when they come into your establishment. The good news is that the word will get out there to people in massive numbers.

Having a sign will establish a large number of reviews over a short period. Due to the technology boom, people can check their phones and leave a review while they are in your business.

A simple sign can help you pull in the reviews!

3. Communication Is Key

When you have customers in your establishment, do you talk to them? We don’t mean take their order or address their questions or concerns. Instead, do you ask them about their day, or if they had a good experience in your place of business?

Here’s the thing. When you talk to people, you bridge a personal connection with them. If they leave feeling like they had a good time and meaningful conversation they are more likely to leave you a positive review.

Don’t forget, while you are talking to them it might be a good time to mention that you have a Yelp account and that you would appreciate their feedback. Talk to every customer you can to maximize your chances of success.

4. Build Links

Links are essential when creating a website, but they can also help you land positive reviews on your Yelp page. There are two things that you should consider when link building on your pages.

First, you have to link to your Yelp from your website. You can add a badge to your page that links directly to your profile. Customers can then go right to your account page from your site when they are done shopping, or after they receive their item/service.

On the flipside, you should link your website to your Yelp page. For example, let’s say you sell car parts and want to show customers your website. On your profile write something like “Looking for our new car parts? Click for more.” This will allow customers to get directly to your website without browsing.

Once you have links going back and forth, you will build organic traffic and boost the odds that you get Yelp reviews.

5. Develop Your Profile

Have you ever looking for a business on Yelp with no luck? The odds are, they didn’t have a well-developed profile, so their business was virtually invisible.

You do not want to fall into this trap. Once you get your official Yelp page do everything you can to optimize and flesh out your profile. Add in every bit of information that is required and applicable.

The more information you add, the easier it is for people to find you. It only makes sense that you would develop your profile.

Think about if you added your business to the phone book but give your address. Customers would have a nearly impossible time finding your business unless they physically called you and got directions. In the same sense, if you don’t have a fleshed out page you will not be able to get Yelp reviews easily.

6. Take Negative Feedback Seriously

It’s easy to take positive reviews in stride and not worry about the negative feedback. But there is a problem with this mentality. You may be metaphorically shooting yourself in the foot.

If someone has a mixed or negative experience respond to them directly on Yelp and let them know that you are there to help. You should then do everything in your power to make the customer happy.

Not only will you make one customer happy, but they will likely change their review to positive, or at least more positive if you try to help them.

The fact that you went out of your way to help a customer is going to encourage other customers to leave feedback and help you get Yelp reviews.

7. Use Social Media

Never underestimate the power of social media. If your business is on Facebook and Twitter –and it should — use your social media pages to get customers to leave feedback.

Do something simple like share your badge on your profile page. When you share your badge, customers will see it, click, and leave your business feedback. It’s that simple.

You can also link your Yelp to your social media and vice versa so customers can easily find your profile page. The easier it is for the customer to get to your page the more likely they are to leave you feedback.

Why Get Yelp Reviews?

You may think that the whole idea of getting Yelp reviews is complicated and doesn’t really help your business. Believe it or not, Yelp is simple to use and can help your company get more business than you ever imagined.

The more people exposed to your company and reviews, the better. It can take some time to build up your reputation. There are companies out there that help small businesses get their bearings. Once the reviews start flowing, customers will start coming in out of pure curiosity.

Overall, Yelp is a worthy investment for anyone who owns a company and wants to make the most of their investment. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you want to start your Yelp profile today!