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The 5 Top Reasons for Using Scent Marketing to Promote Your Business

Have you ever noticed an amazing smell only to discover that it was coming from a nearby shop or restaurant? Could you resist going inside?

Despite rumors to the contrary, humans have an amazing sense of smell. Because of this, scent marketing is becoming incredibly popular and is doing a great job of helping promote businesses.

Here are the 5 top benefits of scent marketing that you should know about.

1. Bring More Customers In

If someone is walking by your business, a great smell can attract them and convince them to come inside. The smell of coffee and a cinnamon roll, for example, are two enticing scents that people will take notice of.

If you have a great scent that customers can smell in front of your business premises, they may end up coming inside to check out your products, even if they would have passed it by otherwise.

2. Keep Customers Around

Not only will great scents bring someone into a store in the first place, but they can also influence them once they’re inside. If your business has a great, comforting scent, then people will be more likely to want to stay inside your business for a longer period of time.

More time spent in your store also means more purchases, since customers will browse for longer. They’ll have more time to discover something that they like.

3. Create a Great Customer Experience

Scent marketing ideas can also improve the customer experience. Refreshing scents boost the mood of your customers and can help promote relaxation. 

Customers will end up associating these good feelings with your business. This will improve their overall perception of your brand and will make them more positive towards it and more willing to come back.

If you want to start experiencing this benefit, you may want to start using Aromatech scent machines.

4. Reduce the Impact of Bad Scents

Most business premises will already have certain scents that they don’t have control over. The smells of your building or your products could be unpleasant, and if they are, they may be scaring people away.

Being more conscious of the scents that you have on business premises can be well worthwhile. Utilizing scent marketing can allow you to have more control over your business’ atmosphere and can help ensure that bad smells aren’t causing problems.

5. Boost Staff Productivity

Great scents won’t just affect the moods of your customers. They can also affect your staff as well.

Your team will be more productive when your workplace smells good. They’ll be happier at work, will provide better customer service, and will be more productive. This can benefit your business in a lot of ways.

Understanding the Advantages of Scent Marketing

If you’re not sure whether you should use scent marketing for business, be sure that you consider the above benefits carefully. Scent marketing can not only pull customers into your business but can also increase sales and boost staff productivity. 

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