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Local Grocery Store Advice: 4 Ways to Increase Traffic to the Meat Counter

Food for thought: what if a meat counter uses means aside from meat itself to attract consumers?

It seems odd that a product, that a food, which struts simple, transparent packaging, needs more than its juicy deliciousness to sell itself.

But, a meat product benefits from a strategic marketing plan, as with any other good or service. We can accomplish this in 4 ways.

1. Catch Someone’s Eye

This becomes the first step in our meat marketing plan since we need someone to notice something before they can even decide on anything. 

We want a deli meat counter display to follow these basic tips:

  • Stay clean/neat
  • Create a fronted display
  • Emphasize name brands (then promote other lesser-known ones)

The first point ensures sanitation, improves trustworthiness/credibility, and allows a consumer to easily navigate shelve space. It also helps improve readability, segueing into the next point.

A fronted display makes products pop, adds a professional touch, and informs the consumer which meat products they can buy. A store often fronts any and all name brands. It may also help promote lesser-known ones that further establish trust and credibility to consumers.

2. “Customer Service, How May I Help You?”

We should always incorporate friendly, professional customer service in every plan, whether that be a frozen meat marketing plan or a regular meat marketing plan. 

People often seek guidance for what to spend on and how much to spend, especially if in-person. They may inquire about the various meats in meat case dividers or how to properly prepare certain meats.

An appealing display helps attract consumers, while quality customer service helps keep them.

3. “Tell Us What Makes You a Great Fit”

Today, the media, health officials, our peers, all bombard us with “the best” meat product(s) for our wellbeing. As such, we should know what goes into our meat. 

Antibiotic-free? Tell us!

No added hormones? Preach it!

Grass-fed? Organic? Bring it on!

Use packaging to let everyone know what exactly goes into their meat.

4. Cater to a Wide Audience

People’s tastes differ across the board, so we must do what we can to accommodate such diversity. 

Some like marinated meat, others prefer it plain. 

Some people have large families (or appetites) and desire larger (i.e., 1 lb vs. 5 lbs of meat) or more ( i.e., package of 4 slabs vs. 10 slabs of meat) portions. 

Offer various packaging sizes/models plus kinds of meat to expand, then maintain a customer base.

What’s in a Meat Counter?

A meat counter entails more than the meat it sells. It includes a comprehensive marketing strategy that encompasses different elements and different people. 

Consumer preferences matter because they help optimize sales, attention, and a store’s overall reach. We can maintain such a solid foundation because we’ve created a dynamic strategy that evolves alongside the consumer. 

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