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How Long Does the Branding Process Typically Take?

As a smart business owner, you know that branding matters. Your brand needs to be more than just who you are and what you sell, but when you want to start bringing in money fast, you may be wondering how long the branding process will take.

You don’t want to rush things since bad branding can mean an expensive rebrand down the line. Continue reading this article to learn what goes into the branding process.

Research Your Target Market

Before you start the branding process, you need to learn how to build your brand. The first step to this is finding out who your target market is and how you can connect with them.

Depending on how well you know your target market already, this could take a short time, or you might still need to unearth who needs what you have. Put an estimated amount of time on this part of the process and on each of the next to come out with an estimated time of completion.

Map Out Brand Strategy

You need to know what your mission and vision are for your company. Your branding should easily let people know who your customer is and how you help them. Create user personas from your target market research and tell people what your brand stands for.

Now you need to create the language you’ll use when you speak as your brand. People should immediately know your brand by how it communicates.

Design Your Brand’s Logo

Your brand’s logo goes everywhere, from buildings to business cards. Taking time to get your brand’s logo right is a must.

Keep in mind that your team will also design your brand’s color palette, fonts, and other visual branding to go along with your logo. You need to make everything look uniform and easy to recognize.

Think about how your logo will make people feel, what it will make them think about, and if it is something people can easily link to your company.

Great designers can get these things accomplished in a matter of weeks or months, depending on how soon they hit the look that you love.

Draw Up Your Marketing Strategy

Now that you know how to position your brand and how you want it to look to the public, it’s time to draw up your marketing strategy.

You need to find a way to market that is both within your budget and effective. There are a lot of ways to market but think about your target and where they hang out. Wherever that is—that’s where you want to be.

Getting Through the Branding Process

It can be frustrating to wait on the branding process for months, but once it’s finished, you can turn your marketing on full tilt. Branding will allow you to stand out against the competition, and now you have an idea of how to get there.

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