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7 Big Benefits of Digital Advertising for Your Business

Digital marketing has grown into an essential piece of almost any modern business. If you’re late to the game and still not sure if digital advertising is right for you, we’re going to take a look at some of the benefits it provides.

There’s a world of potential available online, and it’s not too difficult to jump in and start seeing the benefits. Our hope is that the information below inspires you to see what the web has to offer as you work to boost your bottom line. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of advertising in the digital world. 

1. The Core Methods Don’t Cost You Anything

A big part of advertising yourself online is just being present on the sites where your customers spend time. 

That means making social media accounts, creating a website, and listing yourself on business information sites like Google MyBusiness. These steps are free, and you can use your site and social media accounts to branch out immediately. 

Getting a following on social media doesn’t necessarily cost any money, and you’ll have a lot of help from your friends and family who can share your information on their pages. 

2. Social Media Ads are Very Effective

Once you are present on social media, you can start putting out PPC ads. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are sponsored advertisements or posts that you can send to new audiences. 

You can create these ads in a way that directs them to only the people you want to see them. A lot of times, these are just people similar to your existing followers. They could also pinpoint a specific demographic. 

Your ad won’t go out to a random group, though, and that’s important. Once you find your target audience, you’ll start reaching them if you send ads their way. 

3. PPC Ads Are Cheap

Another huge perk of PPC ads is that they don’t waste any of your marketing budget. Let’s say you decide to spend $100 on an advertisement. 

You could spend as little as $5 if you wanted to, but we’ll say your initial push is a $100 investment. You only pay when a user engages with your post in one way or another. Maybe that means they like your post, or it could mean that they subscribe to your newsletter.

All of the people who see your post and don’t engage with it will not factor into your budget. You’re only charged for the encounters that have some kind of meaningful interaction. 

So, not only are you reaching a lot of people, but you’re only paying for the people that you connect with. This is a lot different from traditional advertising where you pay a fixed amount for an ad that might not work at all. 

4. Your Reach Is Wider

If you take out an ad in the newspaper, you’re only going to reach people within your town. Further, you’ll only reach people who look at the newspaper with the intention of finding good deals.

With the $100 investment we mentioned earlier, you could reach more than 10,000 people on social media. You might not connect with all of those people, but that number will see your brand and become familiar with your name. 

Sometimes it takes people a few times for your message to sink in, so your ads will get progressively more successful. 

The point is, you can reach a large amount of very specific people with any ad you take out. 

5. You Can Outsource Your Content

We’re not all great writers, videographers, or photographers. 

It’s normal to outsource for your content creation. It’s important to create content on a regular basis, and make sure that the content you release is useful to your followers. Blog posts are great examples of this. 

You can research popular keyword searches and create SEO optimized blog posts in response to those terms. The nice thing is, it’s possible to buy blog posts and other pieces of content that you can then share.

Great posts that get spread online are always avenues for increased business. 

6. You’ll Cut Out Competition

A lot of businesses from small towns don’t have much social media or digital marketing to speak of. It makes sense when the bulk of your business exists as foot traffic or word of mouth. 

Things are shifting in the digital direction, though. As things progress, more business will come from Google searches and recommendations on social media. In most cases, this is already the way it is. 

We think of something we need, we make a “near me” search on our phones, and select one of the first few options. If you start developing your digital presence now, you’ll gradually stand out from the competition and keep your business alive for years to come. 

7. Digital Marketing Offers Direct Pathways to Sales

Make sure that you set your website up to allow online sales and services. Digital advertising sends users directly to whatever page you want. 

A great ad could send thousands of people to your website sales page and prompt them to make a purchase. A newspaper ad could never do this.

Someone can sit on their phone, see your ad, click it, and buy a product without ever leaving the couch. If you can tap into this process, your business could benefit dramatically in a short amount of time. 

What’s stopping you from getting started?

Interested in Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising could start improving your business as soon as you get moving with a campaign. The process might seem a little bit daunting at first, though, and we get that. We’re here to help. 

A little help from the pros can be all you need to get things rolling and start seeing the results that will kick your business to the next level. We provide a number of simple guides like this one that fill you in on all you need to know.

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