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7 Qualities to Look For In a React Developer

Did you know that over 2.45 billion people use Facebook each month?

With this number of users, Facebook remains the biggest social media platform in the world. Regardless, they made investments beyond social networking. One of these is React, an open-source mobile application framework.

Are you interested in hiring a React developer for your business’s mobile application?

If you are, read on and find out what to look for in a developer. That way, your React development project will result in success.

1. A Positive Attitude

Before you think about their technical expertise, you must think about your potential developer’s attitude and soft skills. Great programmers will care a lot about your application’s success. They tend to be positive and are willing to go for the extra mile to finish the job and bring the best out of it.

Exhausting a developer with urgent deadlines frequently is never a good idea. But when you’re running a business, getting into crunch time is unavoidable. When you’re looking to get a mobile application out on the market or upgrade features, a great developer will rise to the challenge as soon as possible.

Working with a competent developer means never worrying about their ego getting in the way. It’s especially when you’re giving them constructive criticism. If you want to instill a positive attitude, do your best to provide interesting projects and let them own their successes and failures.

Are you one of the 30.7 million small businesses based in the United States? If so, you can give them proper compensation for working overtime or give paid leave compensations. With good perks, you retain great developers for your company.

2. Good Communication Skills

A person with great communication skills often has great development skills too. They can understand issues clearly and break them down. By then, they can formulate hypotheses and propose coherent solutions.

When developers communicate properly, they can understand concepts faster and ask the right questions to clear any misunderstanding. That way, they need not write everything down in specifications documents.

If your potential developer can speak multiple languages proficiently, that’s a big plus. The good news is that testing whether they have the right communication skills is easy. In most cases, simply talking to them is enough, but try simulating scenarios and see how they communicate.

3. Good Time and Task Management

Regardless of their skill level, a developer is useless without reliability. That’s why it’s better to get someone with a strong work ethic, showing up at meetings without delay. They must have the means of estimating the amount of time necessary for a task’s completion.

With this, they can talk to you about it and deliver your requirements. With an exceptional developer, you need not worry about managing them. In most cases, they will take care of this on their own and help you manage too.

This is difficult to test without hiring them. If the other skills are sound, a good practice is to enter a short contract with them. This serves as an evaluation period where you and other people within your business give them feedback.

The key is to discover both the strengths and weaknesses of your developer early on. If they aren’t delivering in this area, make a tough call and drop them. That way, you have an opportunity to find someone more worthy.

4. Quick Learning Capabilities

A good React programmer will have remarkable self-learning capabilities. They have the means of teaching themselves new technologies faster. The best part is that their aptitude makes them learn out of personal interest instead of work necessity.

People with this skill can process information to make connections using improvisational skills. When put in a situation where they aren’t sure of the answer, they will look for various resources. They will seek out people and look for the solution regardless of the cost.

Knowing how to learn is one of the best skills a developer can have. To test this skill, ask them about the skill they recently taught themselves. Ask about how they learn and how they overcome difficulties whenever it happens.

5. Deep and Broad Technical Experience

A good developer works with technologies to become competent with it. That means having experience in React and other frameworks for developing mobile applications. They follow coding standards and use React developer tools efficiently, writing understandable code complete with comments.

They combine the diversity of their industry experience with cognitive abilities. They’re also likely to use best practices like using task management tools like Trello. That allows them to get optimal solutions without delay.

When you hire a React developer, ensure they can adapt to various development environments. This makes them a master at deploying applications and version control. To test their technical skills, give them a technical interview, and ask for examples of their previous projects.

6. Good Teamwork Skills

Another great quality of a developer is their ability to help others to become better at their jobs. They’re proactive in offering teammates help whenever they’re not progressing. They also teach new skills to other developers and help write more legible documentation for better organization.

A good team player can also understand how diverse teams can be. They know the interpersonal nuances involved, navigating them gracefully. It’s especially when conflicts start happening.

7. Macro-Focused

Great developers won’t simply complete tasks assigned to them. Rather, they will think about how their contribution affects the system and user experience. They’re great at knowing how valuable their feature is, meaning they will speak up if a component compromises another aspect of the software.

Get a React Developer Today!

These are the qualities you must look out for when getting a React developer for your company. These are mostly soft skills since it’s easier to learn how to make applications using React as a framework.

Did this guide help you decide whether certain applicants are worthy? If so, read our other posts and learn more valuable tips and tricks today.