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6 Must-Know Instagram Tips for Making a Profitable Online Business

profitable online businessSocial media marketing is essential for any business. But there are so many social media platforms, it can become difficult to utilize each with professional marketing. Each social media platform also has their own niche audience.

This is true for Instagram. The photo-sharing app boasts 600 million users.

But most Instagram users are taking selfies, looking at animal pictures, and are envying celebrities. How can you capture the attention of the Instagram audience?

Don’t fear – most brands see incredible engagement on Instagram. Your company can be one of the top successors.

Here are 6 Instagram marketing tips. Use the power of an image to become a profitable online business.

1. Create Instagram Posts on Desktop Instead of Mobile

There’s one major drawback of Instagram compared to other social media apps: you can’t post from a desktop. For some companies, they rely on their desktop to create content. This is common with the in-depth design and video editing.

Social media management is convenient with a myriad of third-party apps. You can easily design a post or edit a video and post it from a third-party app.

But, what if you always created Instagram posts from your phone? There are incredible apps that let you create high-quality posts on your phone. But you can unique posts from desktop-based programs are more distinguishable.

Creating and editing graphics, photos, and video is easier on a desktop than on mobile. You’re also able to exercise more flexibility than you can with mobile apps.

2. Plan the Layout of Your Gallery

It’s easy to only focus on your daily posts. While this is effective for those who scroll through Instagram, other Instagram users prefer looking at your profile.

Tailor to these Instagram users by planning your gallery layout.

You don’t post every photo you take. You want to present your best image, for your personal and professional life. Increase the standards you have when posting.

Take care to craft each post individually, but how each post will reflect on your gallery as a whole.

Here are some tips to consider:

Unique Content

Posting unoriginal content is a turn-off for your audience. You want to post quality content, but you also want to post content that represents your unique brand.

Take some time and plan an eye-catching gallery with carefully crafted posts. Don’t be afraid to view other galleries for inspiration.

Brands such as WovenLabelHK post various pictures of their products but do so in a unique manner. Each image is different, but they’re also high-res and quality images. You can find sources of inspiration, there’s more information here.

Don’t be afraid to spend more time editing each image to achieve that unique look. Produce noteworthy images or fun videos. All of this will help make you a profitable online business.


Every professional strives to be hard-working, motivational, and have a profitable online business. It’s easy to advise quality with your gallery and posts, but what does that mean? Show your followers you’re productive and headstrong.

Diversify your posts to prove you’re a multi-faceted brand.

Get your hands wet with marketing images, pictures of your staff, and pictures of the work you do. If your brand conveys your lifestyle, such as minimalism or cruelty-free, share what you do every day to achieve this lifestyle.

3. Interact with Your Followers

Social media marketing success relies on receiving likes, views, follows, and comments.

But what’s the best way to receive this attention? What will make you a profitable online business is interacting with your followers?

You can use this opportunity to be creative. If you’re an e-commerce brand, offer promotions where your customers send you a ‘selfie’ with your product. Post that picture on your Instagram and tag them.

4. Separate Content Creation from Engagement

This method doesn’t fall within the Instagram app or social media posting techniques. This is a frame of mind you need to be in.

Doing one thing at a time means more productivity. This is true with social media. It’s easy to post something on Instagram, only to be distracted by a new follower or a message. Get yourself out of this mentality.

When you’re editing a photo or video, turn off or silence your phone. When you go to post, check your notifications after.

But you should also focus on engagement. After you post or schedule your posts, put all of your focus into followers.

Respond to messages and comments. Check and see who’s liking your posts and how much attention your posts are getting. See who’s following you or if you have any unfollows.

5. Schedule Your Posts Throughout the Week

A great time management tip is to schedule posts throughout the week. This doesn’t mean you can’t post more or in-between your posting schedule. But you should create posts you can schedule for a week.

For starters, you’ll be in the right mindset. Spend a day, such as Monday, preparing your posts. At the end of the day, schedule posts for a whole week.

And let’s say you run into a busy day in the middle of the week. If you can’t get to Instagram, you know you will at least have a post coming out that day.

6. Have Hashtags Planned Ahead of Time

Hashtagging is a tactic that can be beneficial or not give results. You want solid hashtags that are searchable, but you don’t want to cram several in one post. At the same time, more engagement is delivered when you use hashtags.

Not using hashtags is a move set for failure.

But have you went to post and became brain dead when thinking of hashtags? To have your hashtags organized, plan them out beforehand. Keep a document with hashtags you know work.

You can also plan out your whole caption with hashtags before you post.

Instagram Can Bring You Closer to Becoming a Profitable Online Business

Instagram is a great app to promote your brand. If you’re not utilizing it for business, you’re missing out on marketing to potential customers.

These Instagram marketing tips will put you ahead of the game. Some you may never even thought will help boost followers and activity.

The saying is true: an image is worth a thousand words. For Instagram, an image can be worth a thousand dollars. Focus on your posts and your followers to profit off of Instagram.

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