Small Business Brief


7 Local Marketing Ideas to Help Your Business Stand Out


112 million people shopped at a small business on Small Business Saturday 2016.

With that many people turning to small businesses, local marketing ideas are a must to get them to yours. But with all the different types it can be difficult to know where to start.

We’ve gathered 7 local marketing ideas for small businesses to help narrow the search. Keep reading to find your next marketing strategy.

Make It Easy For People To Find

To be effective, meet customers where they are. We recommend thinking about your audience’s perspective. Consider how to provide them with the information they need.

We try local marketing ideas that focus on optimizing businesses online. By doing this we ensure new customers can find us. When planning to optimize our online presence we focus on two things:

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website with the keywords your audience uses to search for what they need. Think about what your product or service is and use an SEO tool to research the language customers use to find it.

But we don’t stop there. There are also ways to optimize social media platforms. Including keywords in the descriptions of some of your accounts. This will also put them on the radar of customers using search engines.

Put Your Business On The Map

We encourage businesses with a physical presence to register themselves on online maps. When customers are searching for a nearby product or service your company will pop up.

Adding a location to your social media accounts can help people within that area find it. It will also help your business appear on their timelines naturally when a friend can check in at your location on Facebook.

Be Active On Social Media

By 2020, the number of users on social networks is expected to reach 2.95 billion.

If you’re looking for local marketing ideas on a low budget being active on social media is as cheap as it gets! Being on social media can make you accessible to customers with questions.

Here are the top social media channels used:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter

You don’t have to be on all social media platforms. Using the ones your audience is on is best.

Be Active With Reviews

Register your company on review sites like Yelp. This will give customers the chance to compliment or give feedback on your business. Customers will take these into account when considering using your company.

Interact with other businesses in your area and build relationships by leaving reviews. This will also spread your business by word of mouth. By giving reviews you will also encourage people to give reviews to your company as well.

Have Strong Branding

Creating strong branding for your small business can help with brand recognition. Create a logo for your company and branding elements. Use these on social media and objects you use.

This will give your business a professional and original look. Branding can be used in many ways for marketing a business:


Design brochures for people considering your services. Use these to educate them on what is offered. We also recommend fliers for your services or upcoming events to put in local areas.


Bring promotional items to community outings and give them to people you encounter. Make sure they have your logo on them. You can also make your setup look professional with a table and a tent at these events. This company lets you customize tents and shades to your branding.

Be Involved In The Community

Get your name out in the community by being active in where your business is located. Keep up with local news and big events happening in your community. Look out for opportunities in your business’s area.

Take Part In Trade Shows

In trade shows you’ll be able to talk with other small businesses in your area that share your same industry. Use this as an opportunity to network and learn about best practices.

Volunteer With Nonprofits And Charity

Encourage your employees to go on business outings to volunteer with nonprofits. Take part in fundraisers by giving a percentage of your profits to a charity

Build Relationships

We are currently in the relationship era of marketing. It’s not enough to make a product that people need. Relationships are a big part of the buying process.

Customers want a good experience. There are two important strategies in relationship marketing:

Be Helpful

Aim to help your customers in every aspect of the buying process. Educate them on their problems and whether they will need your services or not.

When you find they need your help, explore all their business’s options with them. Then find which solves their problems best.

Exceed Expectations

Be personable and genuine to help build meaningful relationships with consumers and businesses. This sets businesses apart from ones who only interact with people when making a profit.

Be personable and go the extra mile to exceed the expectations of those you interact with. Send business partners handwritten notes to thank them for their partnerships.

Plan Your Marketing

Before using any of these local marketing ideas it’s important to create a plan for your business. Think through what you want and what’s best for your business.

Use Only What You Need

It’s important to know that businesses don’t need to use all local marketing ideas. Think about what your business’ mission is. Then choose your marketing tactics to work towards accomplishing it.

Research Marketing Tools

Marketing can take up a lot of your time if you let it. If you’re running your small business you don’t always have that time to make it a success. Look for free marketing tools to help improve productivity.

More Local Marketing Ideas

Planning out marketing for a small business can seem overwhelming. Especially when doing all the other things needed to keep a business running. But it will be worth it when you start to see the return on investment it will yield.

Know that the more you learn the easier it will become to start planning your marketing strategy.

Check out our small business ideas forum for more local marketing ideas.