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5 Types of Videos Small Businesses Can Use to Increase Engagement

Ready to venture into video content to promote your small business? 

You’re in good company. Statistics show that 85% of businesses include video in their marketing arsenal and 92% of marketers currently using video consider it’s important to their marketing strategy.

If you’re new to video marketing, you may be confused about what types of video to produce. You can go with vlog-style option, but having a specific purpose often makes the videos more effective.

Try these five video options to get started easily.

1. Testimonials

Social proof helps potential customers feel trust in your brand. One way to provide social proof is through testimonials and shared customer experiences.

Create testimonial videos with some of your biggest supporters as the stars. Look for customers who’ve supported you from the beginning or have been loyal for some time. Even new customers can be great advocates.

Ask customers to share their experiences on video. If you have a physical store location, you might ask a customer to share thoughts. Another good time to catch customers in at an in-person event.

All testimonials should be natural, and customers should always share their own opinions. It’s easy to spot a scripted testimonial.  

2. Company Culture

Another video production idea is anything that shows more about the heart of your company. When customers understand your culture and values, they can connect with your brand.

Examples of videos that help people understand your company better include:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Staff introductions
  • Office tours
  • Employee interviews
  • Employee event or outing

These videos add a human aspect to your brand. They make people want to support your company when they connect with your culture.

3. Tutorials

Tutorial videos let you show your knowledge and give viewers valuable information they want. They walk through a process step by step to help viewers learn how to do something.

If you own an auto parts store, you might do a tutorial on how to change headlights. If you own a kitchen supply store, you might produce cooking tutorials. You can highlight products you sell in the video, so customers give free information and exposure to your products. 

You can also do a less subtle tutorial video on how to use one of your products. This is beneficial if a product you sell is complicated to use or results in frequent questions from customers.

4. Informative

Another way to provide value to people is through informative or explainer videos. This could be a tip video or a generally informative video about a topic related to your business.

If you’re a family photographer, you might make a video on tips for coordinating outfits for family photos. 

You can also use this type of video to explain your products in depth. You might do an in-depth video of the features of a new product, so customers fully understand how it works. Or you might do a FAQ video about your company or a particular product.

5. Announcements

Keep viewers informed about new things happening with your company through videos. Product launch videos generate excitement before you release something new. 

If you’re hosting an event, start creating videos about it in the weeks leading up to the date. You can also post live videos from the event to create more buzz.

Make videos about other changes within your business. That might include introducing a new team member, announcing a location move, or talking about a change in direction.

You can also use videos to promote upcoming specials. 

Try Different Types of Video

Introducing different types of video into your marketing strategy keeps viewers interested. It helps them learn more about your business in different ways and gives you multiple avenues for promoting your business.

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