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No Starting From Scratch: Why You Should Consider a Pest Control Franchise

The pest control market in the United States is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth of 5.04%, translating to $27.5 billion within the next five years. 

With pests being a continuous menace, the pest control industry can only expand. If you’re thinking of investing in this sector, this is the opportune moment. 

Starting a business from scratch can be challenging for most entrepreneurs. If you decide that a pest control business is what you want, you don’t have to start from zero. A pest control franchise will allow you to be your own boss without experiencing the hurdles of a startup. 

Keep reading to know why a pest control franchise can be the best choice for you. 

1. Low Investment 

Contrary to many franchises, the pest control franchise doesn’t require a significant amount of starting capital. The starting requirements are relatively small. You won’t need to invest in costly equipment, a fixed premise, or many skilled or experienced workers.

With just a van, you can start your pest control business. The van can act as your office and store. To reduce the cost further, you can have posters on the truck for marketing, considering that you’ll be driving around the neighborhoods.

If you have adequate pest control experience and knowledge, you can start the venture as a one-person show. However, you might need to work extra to form strong networks with clients and suppliers. Use your website and other online spaces to promote your services. 

2. The Pest Control Industry is Rapidly Growing 

The growth of the pest control industry has been rapid in recent years. Some of the factors influencing this expansion include;

  • The increase in consumer awareness on hygiene
  • Intensification of urban development
  • Rising pest intolerance 
  • Changing weather patterns 
  • An increasing need for environmentally-friendly technology

While some people have been embracing DIY, professional pest control is unmatched. Some cases of pest infestation in homes and commercial buildings are beyond the traditional pest control approaches. As such, people will continue seeking pest control services. 

3. Advantage of Repeat Customers 

If you opt for a pest control franchise, you’ll benefit from the variety of repeat customers. People are constantly in need of pest control services. Treating a business or home once doesn’t mean that one won’t experience the issue in the future.

Pests such as rodents and other insects can cause diseases and damage property.  With the hazardous nature of parasites, businesses and homeowners will need pest control services often. When your services are optimal, you can be sure that your clients will call you back again and give referrals to friends.

You might need to request your loyal customers to leave reviews on your page. With positive reviews and ratings, you’ll get more customers and expand your business.

4. Set Your Working Pattern

If a routine isn’t your cup of tea, a pest control franchise will work for you. A pest control business isn’t a typical job where you check-in during the morning hours and leave at five. You can’t predict when you’ll go or leave when providing pest control services.

Like most freelance businesses, you can be available when you choose to or when responding to a call. You can also consider being available based on appointments. Once you inspect the problem, you can have a convenient time for you and your client.

The Mosquito Control Franchise is one of the options that will allow you to serve customers without time limitations. Once you sign the franchise agreement, you can start connecting with customers almost immediately.  

5. Business Security

Issues such as inflation have been affecting businesses. As such, business owners hardly rest easy as several external factors affect the stability of a business. Fumigation companies seldom face the wrath of economic changes.

Bugs in your office or home don’t care whether the economy is already messing you up. They can show up in the most unlikely places. Despite the state of people’s wallets contacting a pest or insect control company is not subject to debate.

The market demand for pest control services is steady. With the potential adverse implications of pests, homeowners and business owners will keep you busy through the months. Nobody would want to be in a place where pests are a palpable menace.

6. A Pest Control Franchise has Good Profit Margins 

About 80% of the upstarts crash within the first 18 months. One of the primary reasons for this collapse is inadequate profits. When you start as a franchise, you’ll hardly experience some of the hurdles that entrepreneurs face. 

A pest control business has high-profit margins. Considering that the initial investment is not quite high, the returns will impress you. If you want to venture into an industry that guarantees you profits, the pest control sector is a deal you don’t want to ignore.

7. Enjoy Franchise Benefits 

Starting a pest control business as a sole proprietor can be laden with challenges. On the other hand, you have ten times more chances of succeeding with a pest control franchise. Your franchisors can give you a significant boost through support and training as you kickstart the business.

Another significant advantage is the reduced competition as you won’t compete with a similar business from the same franchise. This approach to pest control business further enhances your access to discounts, especially when you shop in bulk. What’s more, you’ll be working under a trusted and recognized brand, which makes it easy to penetrate a market. 

A Pest Control Franchise Is the Easiest Way to Get in the Pest Control Industry

With a pest control franchise, you won’t face most of the struggles common in startups. When you get in the pest control business as a franchise, the perks will excite you. From the high demand for services to repeat customers, a pest control business is worth an investment.  

The number of opportunities for the pest control franchise is inexhaustible. Whether you want to focus on bedbugs or mosquitoes’ eradication, there are several options available. Once you carry out your due diligence, you can buy a franchise and keep smiling your way to the bank. 

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