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5 Reasons Why a Promotional Pen is an Awesome Freebie

Of all the ways you could get more people interested in your brand, giving away a promotional pen with your logo is sheer genius! Don’t believe us? Check out our article to learn why your marketing strategy should include promo pens!

When considering inventive promotional ideas for your business, don’t overlook the mighty pen. They are a great way to get your name known and won’t break your advertising budget.

If you’re looking for some ways to promote your brand, let’s take a look at the promotional pen.

Why a Promotional Pen

A small promotional idea with a big impact; it’s a perfect give away for your business that can really make a difference.

1. Low Cost

Handing out free pens as a promotional idea will only take a small portion of your advertising budget. You can have a lot of pens made up with your logo, your brand name, company, phone number or website on them.

Have them made up with your logo or in your brand colors for instant recognition each and every time they are used. It’s a simple idea that makes a huge impression that lasts a long time.

Even a nice pen doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. When you have a lot of pens made up at once, you can upgrade to a nicer model.

A nice pen is more likely to be kept and used for a longer period of time. For more information, click here to check it out!

2. Functional

A business card is one way to introduce your company, you include all the information you want to get out. A pen with your information is actually something people will use.

Everyone needs a pen at some point throughout their day. Jot down a phone number, an address or a quick reminder for a great program to watch casually mentioned from a friend.

Handing out items that not only have your logo but are something that people will use is just clever marketing. You just have to hand the pen out and the pen does the rest.

3. Portable

You can take the pens anywhere with you for promotional opportunities. Attending a meeting or a conference, perhaps a trade show or even a casual business function, like a BBQ or a baseball game.

But the pen is also a portable advertisement for you by the people you give it to. They can have one or two in their purse or briefcase, and pull them out at their meeting, thereby showing off your brand.

There is nothing easier than leaving a few pens around to places that you visit. It doesn’t need to be a business related event. Try leaving a few on the table at your favorite lunch restaurant. Waitstaff always needs pens.

4. Share and Share Alike

Continuing with the idea of leaving your promotional pens just causally laying about is actually very clever. You can do this any place you visit. People love to get free things, regardless of how they come into their possession.

Also, people need to borrow pens all the time, and often don’t give them back. They usually don’t notice. Borrow a pen in class, throw it in their book bag, then they use it again.

Your pen can travel a lot of miles without you even knowing it. There is no telling how many people will actually see it and remember your organization. It’s the perfect way to send your name all over town without really trying.

5. Get Creative

A pen doesn’t have to be boring. You can get them custom made to suit your business and add that bit of extra something that makes your pens stand out. You can get metal or plastic shells, felt pens, or have them made in a multitude of color.

You can get special designs put on them, to match your business and make the pens very unique. Have pictures of bagels for your bakery, green grass for your landscaping company or scissors for your beauty salon.

Have them attached to a cord or to wear around the neck, add a fixture for the top, like a fuzzy puppy for your vet clinic or have them made with floating objects inside the clear shell of the pen.

Steal This Pen

People love to get free things. Even if they don’t really need it or want it, they will take something offered to them for free. This means they will either start to use it or pass it on.

Who doesn’t use a pen? Even in our ‘paperless society’ and everything digital, people still need a pen. The beauty here is that people need a pen at the most awkward moment when they don’t have one. You can make sure there are plenty around.

Why do banks and other organizations hammer their pens to the counter? People love free stuff.

Often, without realizing it, they can pop the pen in their pocket, only to find it later.

The Mighty Pen

By using pens as a promotional tool, you know these items will be put to use and put into circulation. A pen with a logo or a fun design is remembered and also a constant reminder of your business.

Just because people don’t need you today doesn’t mean they won’t a few weeks from now. A promotional pen is the gift that keeps on giving.

They will have your name in their mind because they have been using your pen for a few weeks or months, and that is promoting from afar. A nice pen will add a bit of class and that will reflect on your business.

You can leave pens out in conference rooms, at reception, include them in with other promotional packages and find all sorts of creative ways to get them into people’s pockets, handbags, and briefcases.

If you are in need of any other ideas for your small business, please keep reading here for more articles to help you succeed.