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10 Office Furniture Trends for 2018 That You’ll Want in Your Office

Recedorating your office? Read more about the current office furniture trends for 2018 to get a feel of what’s trendy and what’s out.

Is it time to give your office design an overhaul?

If you’ve been considering a new and improved look for your work-space, you’ve come to the right place.

Today’s office furniture trends offer something for everyone.

The latest office layouts combine innovative designs, fresh, fun colors and options, and creative space-saving ideas.

Modern office trends feature high-functioning furniture that promotes teamwork and work-place unity. They ensure that employees have the freedom to express individual work styles.

Gone are the days of energy-zapping offices, constricting cubicles, drab colors, and harsh lighting. The business environment of yesterday has little in common with the newly-popular open-area office space of today.

Want to create a professional climate that encourages creativity, collaboration, and high-performance? Do you want to raise morale among employees?

Find out which trend-setting designs are essential for the ultimate at-work renovation!

The Top 10 Office Furniture Trends You’ll Want to Try Now

According to Gallup’s 2014 State of the Global Workplace report, over half of employees state they are not engaged at their job. An additional 17% report being actively disengaged at work. While their report may seem dismal, many businesses have begun looking for ways to change the perspective of their employees.

One of the potential ways to positively impact worker engagement, as well as people’s overall happiness at work, is by offering an environment that focuses on improving employee satisfaction.

Today’s most popular office furniture trends do that. Take a look at these design trends that are sweeping the professional world.

1. Pops of Color

Interior office design is no longer dominated by dull neutral color schemes void of pizazz. Instead, popular business furniture, fixtures, and paint choices include a wide range of bright, cheerful pops of color.

2. Flexible Seating

When you visit a modern-day office, you might find a variety of seating options that are being utilized by employees. Some of the top trending choices are adjustable armchairs with back support, couches, bean-bags, and floor seating.

3. Furniture that Encourages Movement

Today’s office furniture gives employees the ability to incorporate movement into their workday. Examples of this are lean stools, standing desks, exercise bicycles, and open area workspaces. These allow workers to move from one workspace to another.

4. Common Work Spaces

Employees have the option to work in shared spaces. These spaces include tables with multi-seating and common areas with couches, chairs, and floor space. Many believe that a shared workspace encourages collaboration and teamwork.

Some offices also have areas that are accessible to many workers throughout the day, such as desks and computer stations. Allowing employees to converge as needed aids worker productivity. It also encourages staff to work together to meet their goals.

5. Eco-Friendly Materials

Now, offices are more concerned about their footprint on the eco-system than they were in past decades. This has prompted the introduction of eco-friendly office furniture. Lighting and furnishings also add an environmentally friendly vibe to professional buildings.

The incorporation of plants and bio-friendly air movement tactics help keep air circulating. Air will stay clean and fresh, making your employees happier and increasing productivity.

6. Focus on Employee Health

Today’s businesses have begun focusing on the health of staff members. As a result, we have seen a newfound popularity of fitness rooms and furniture that performs as exercise equipment.

7. Double-Duty Designs

It’s common for office furniture and interior design trends to have multiple uses, cutting down on the need for extra, often wasted, space. Some of the things we are seeing are desks with built-in shelves and walls that double as whiteboards.

8. Comforts of Home, at Work

Popular trends bring the comforts of home into the office with cozy furniture and softer lighting. Many offices have central lounging zones, equipped with game systems and reading nooks. It’s not unusual for offices to have full-sized kitchens that are accessible to employees throughout the day.

9. Transparency in the Office

Keeping in line with a one-for-all design approach, many offices have begun eliminating walls altogether. Creating alternative borders that separate one area from another is another popular tactic. Glass partitions have become the norm, as well as stackable bookshelves. These can be easily taken apart when employees desire increased contact with their neighbor.

10. Space-Saving Trends

Bulky cabinets and desks are out and sleek minimalism is in. Furniture designed to take up the least possible space, rollaway stools, maximum use of wall space, and pictures and knick-knacks save space in the office.

Laptops have replaced desktops in the modern office. The large filing cabinets that were once an office mainstay have shifted to using digital cloud storage. Presentations and documents required for one-time use are often stored on USB disks.

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