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5 Outdated Marketing Techniques It’s Time to Ditch

By 2021, spending on digital advertising is expected to surpass traditional mediums. Marketing is a fast-paced world. Yet many businesses make no effort to keep up with the demands of the 21st century.

Don’t let this be you! Are your marketing techniques stuck in the past? Here’s a list of 5 outdated marketing techniques that it’s time to retire.

1. Focusing on the Yellow Pages

Unless your target audience is the elderly, it’s time to stop focusing on your entry in the yellow pages. Today, people search the web to find the best industry or product for their needs. Your money is much better spent working on creating a great company website.

2. Poor Social Media Marketing Techniques

Social media is huge for marketing. 90% of marketers say it’s increased business exposure.

But the marketing techniques you use on social media influences its success. For example, 45% of individuals said they’ll unfollow a brand if they self-promote too much.

So, how can you balance the fine line between the social media you need and the posts that will irritate your followers? A digital marketing agency can help you create social media marketing that will drive in business, not drive business away.

3. Not Utilizing Strong Data

Making blanket statements based on intuition instead of facts is not an advised marketing technique, and people tend to see right through these false claims. Testing and analyzing is the route to success. Whether you’re using the data to determine your target audience or you’re using positive sales statistics to bring in new clients, data analytics is quickly becoming a necessity.

For the best results, self-curate your data instead of relying on that of a third party. After all, data about your specific customers and achievements is better than generalized data. Here’s a list of 2019’s essential analytics tools.

4. Sticking to Printed Materials

Mass snail mailing is a marketing technique that is both costly and ineffective. Few people act on the brochures and pamphlets they receive in the mail, and they’re more likely to end up going directly in the trash. That’s because most printed advertisements must work in a one-size-fits-all format.

Using customized approaches, like email and social media addressed to specific consumers, is much better. After all, it’s much smarter to sell to people who have indicated that they want to buy your product.

5. Creating Keyword-Stuffed Content

SEO optimization certainly used to be a lot simpler: just use the keyword individuals tend to search for as much as possible. But Google is a lot smarter today, and this act, called “keyword stuffing”, decreases your content’s relevancy and value.

Instead, create quality content and use keywords naturally. Search engines now focus on user experiences on your web page, making the quality of your posts more important than ever.

Keep It Current!

In today’s internet-driven society, using modern marketing techniques is more important than ever. Looking for the types of marketing that’ll bring in business? Check out our list of 3 types of marketing content that are sure to bring results.