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7 Brilliant Marketing Tips That Will Grow Your Bail Bond Business

In 2018, the bail bond industry had an overall revenue of two billion dollars. That revenue comes from a long list of small bail bond companies — also known as your competition. Do you know the marketing tips that will help your business thrive among them?

Bail bond marketing involves using some tried-and-true marketing tactics, combined with knowledge of what makes this industry unique. If you want to grow your business, using modern marketing strategies is crucial.

In this guide, we’ll give you some digital marketing ideas that you can use to grow your business fast. Keep reading to learn how to leave the competition in the dust!

Build a Website

Without your own website, it’s hard to use digital marketing ideas. So the first step is getting online with your own company website.

In the past, people found bail bond businesses using print resources like ads or the phonebook. However, people now research all kinds of businesses online before they choose the best one.

If you don’t have a website, your potential customers won’t even be able to find you. Although creating a website takes an initial investment, it will soon pay for itself with the new business you get.

Develop a Brand

As you build your website, you also need to think about your specific brand.

Yes, even bail bond companies need a brand. Research the competition in your area, and then think of how you can set yourself apart.

Knowing your brand will help you choose the best name for your website (especially if the name of your company is already taken), and guide the tone of what you post there. For example, will you be relaxed and approachable, or tough and intimidating? Decide the impression you want to give your customers to get the best results.

Use Visuals

Posting visuals on your site can help drive a point home and make a powerful impression.

Many people will look at images before they’ll read a full text-based post. Your images could show ideal situations, such as happy customers after you’ve helped them navigate a difficult time. When people see images of what they desire, they’re more likely to invest money in making that their reality.

Try Local Optimization

Next, you need to optimize your site for the local people looking for a business like yours.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is all about helping your site show up higher on the results pages when people search for a business like yours. When someone researches a bail bond business, they’re specifically looking for local results, so you should use local SEO techniques.

These include knowing the keywords that people will use to search with, such as “bail bond company near me.” You can use those keywords in your content to make it more likely to appear in the search results.

Don’t forget to highlight your specific city or neighborhood to boost your local search results. For example, a San Antonio bond business could also post location-specific content, such as a guide to San Antonio laws. 

Create Videos

Having text-based posts on your site is helpful, but one of the best digital marketing ideas today is incorporating some videos. 

The people looking for a bail bond will have lots of questions, and might feel nervous about the process of hiring a bonds company. A video lets you tackle those questions with the right tone so they’ll feel confident about hiring your company.

For example, you could post a video that breaks down the bail bond process for people who’ve never been through it before. Educational content in an easy to view format can help bring more people to your site — which means more customers for you.

Gather Testimonials and Reviews

One of the most important things people look for when researching businesses is what other customers have to say.

After successfully working with a client, ask them for a testimonial you can post on your site. You can also ask them to leave a review on a relevant site like Yelp or Google.

Potential customers will check the reviews before deciding to hire you, so the more you can encourage positive ones, the better your results will be.

Optimize for Mobile

Today, people are more likely to research bail bonds companies using a device like a smartphone, rather than a computer. Does your site look good on mobile? If not, you have some work to do. 

People searching on mobile want to find sites that are mobile-optimized, so they’ll appear properly sized for the screen. They also are looking for sites and pages that load quickly. If your site is slow to load, chances are good they’ll navigate to a competing site instead.

Work to Build Links

Getting links from other sites will make your site look more legitimate to search engines. When other sites link to you, they also create a new way for customers to find you. 

To build up some links to your site, try guest posting on relevant sites. Reach out to neighborhood blogs, legal websites, and other places where a post from a bail bonds company might fit well.

Make the article you guest post informative, not a sales pitch. But work in a link back to your site so customers know where to find you for more. 

Connect with Your Community

You can also grow your business by reinforcing your digital marketing ideas with in-person connections.

Get involved in local events. Try a volunteer day for your employees to get active and improve your community. Make your presence known in positive ways, and document these activities on your blog, too. This helps increase your trustworthiness in the eyes of possible customers. 

Ready to Grow Your Business with These Marketing Tips?

Marketing a bail bond company means using regular marketing tips with a unique approach. This guide to bail bond marketing will get you well on the way to growing your customer base and reaping the rewards.

Looking for more ways to improve your bail bond business this year? Hiring a lawyer is a great way to protect your company — learn more here.