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2 Reasons Custom Coins Are Excellent Marketing Tools

More than 5,000 years, the first coin came into being. It was the Mesopotamian shekel and used as a form of currency, much like most coins today are. However, coins have also evolved a lot over the past thousands of years. 

No longer are coins only used for monetary purposes. They also have sentimental, collectible, artistic, and even marketing values. In fact, you can get your own custom coins as a creative way to market your business. 

If you’re interested in using custom coins to promote a brand, then keep on reading and we’ll walk you through why you should follow that inclination. 

1. A Better Business Card

Not too long ago, everyone seemed to have a business card. In fact, if someone didn’t have a business card, you probably weren’t going to do work with them. 

Now, thanks to the internet, that’s no longer the case. More and more people are skipping out on paying for business cards and putting that money toward their websites and other digital tools. 

With that said, business cards are still valuable. But they’re not as striking or memorable as they used to be. This is what makes custom coins so great.

Imagine, if instead of pulling out a business coin, someone handed you a shiny coin with their logo printed on it. A flimsy business card can easily be forgotten or tossed in the trash. Much fewer people are going to leave a custom coin behind. 

When it shows that you put a lot of care and attention into something like a custom coin, people are going to notice. And they’re going to definitely save that coin, even just to appreciate. 

2. Exclusivity

People tend to order stacks and stacks of business cards. And this makes them fairly unappealing in terms of supply and demand. If you have a ton of something, then nobody is really going to want it.

When you give out a custom coin, however, it’s going to feel a lot more special. When someone feels special, they’ll associate positive feelings with your business.

The receiver of the coin is going to instantly feel more connected to your company and have a stronger desire to do business with you. 

They’ll also likely show the coin to their friends and family. Nobody is going to show off a business card. 

Even better, it’s incredibly easy to create your own custom coins. 

The Importance of Knowing Why Custom Coins Are Excellent Marketing Tools

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now have a better idea of why custom coins are excellent marketing tools. As we can see, custom coins allow you to better connect with your customers and show appreciation towards them. All why increasing brand awareness.

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