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Get Your Swag on: 7 Awesome Company Swag Ideas

How can you make employees feel like part of your community while advertising your brand too? Swag, of course! 

If you want to get the name of your company out there and really tell the world what you’re all about, there aren’t many things better than a whole load of swag. It’s affordable, helps with exposure, and can even increase customer loyalty too!

Are you thinking of getting some cool company swag but aren’t sure where to start? Keep reading on for seven of our favorite company swag ideas — will you decide on any for your business?

1. Chargers and Power Banks

Is there anything worse than being out and about — whether for work or enjoying a weekend off — and your phone dying?

There are plenty of cool chargers and power banks out there so that your employees won’t be caught short when they’re away from home or the office. 

Alternatively, wireless chargers are great too — there’s something about them that feels high-tech, and they’re easy to use. 

2. Fitness Products

The benefits of exercise are well-documented, so why not kill two birds with one stone by showing off your company with some cool swag and giving your employees the chance to become healthier, happier, and more productive too?

Depending on your budget, you could go for exercise trackers like Fitbits, or even something as simple as a yoga mat!

3. Self-Care

Self-care is vital, and it makes sense to give your employees the tools to practice it!

You might want to keep it simple with branded hand sanitizer or go for some soap, a sleep mask, or even a nice blanket. 

Like with fitness-related swag, you’ll be helping your employees out and advertising your company with some cool swag — it’s a win-win! 

4. Plants and Eco-Friendly Products

What about a simple plant?

Employees will often appreciate a nice desk plant. It can feel like a more personal gift than some of the others mentioned here and might benefit their mental health too.

Keeping with the eco-friendly theme, you could give your employees some durable, reusable swag too. If you’ve got a few bits of swag to give out, you could put them in a hemp tote bag for each employee — they can then use the bag later on for shopping or carrying work materials.

5. Coffee Accessories

Many of us rely on caffeine to wake ourselves up in the morning, and it’s likely that some of your employees are no exception.

From bags of coffee to portable brewers and quality coffee mugs, there’s a lot of coffee-related company swag out there for you to woo your employees with!

6. Stationery

Tried-and-tested, stationery remains one of the best company swag ideas. 

How many times have we all frantically hunted around for a pen or a notepad to write something down? Help your employees out with some writing materials so they’re not scrambling around for a pen again.

You can use an Axomo company store for consistent, branded swag too.

7. Travel Swag

Whether your employees are simply going to the workplace and back each day or traveling further afield, travel swag can be a great help!

There are various backpacks and duffel bags out there, as well as smaller cases and organizers for valuables and any tech that comes with a lot of wires!

Other Company Swag Ideas

These are just seven of many different company swag ideas — you might have some others in mind too! Every company is a little different, and the right swag for yours might be different from the right swag for another, so consider what your employees might appreciate.

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