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Turn Up The Heat: 4 Innovative Ideas for Marketing Your HVAC Business In 2019 and Beyond

Did you know there over 113,000 HVAC businesses in the United States?

As an HVAC business owner, this means there’s plenty of competition for customers. To stand out from the crowd, you have to ramp up your marketing.

There is one problem, though. With almost every business spending on marketing, platforms are getting crowded and many consumers are starting to block online advertisements.

What are you to do? The solution is to outthink your competitors and run killer marketing campaigns.

To get you started, we’re sharing innovate ideas for marketing your HVAC business in 2019 and beyond.

Your HVAC Business Needs a Mascot

If you don’t have a mascot for your business, it’s probably because you think mascots are only ideal for sports clubs and restaurants.

How wrong!

A mascot can be a powerful marketing tool for any business. It’ll not only give your business the cool factor (your company offers cooling services after all) but also increase brand awareness among local consumers.

You, however, have to be creative with your mascot design. Choose artwork and graphics that match your business’ branding.

Live Chat

Did you know most people — particularly millennials — prefer texting than calling? If you don’t have a live chat feature, you’re missing out on potential customers who would rather text.

Plus, you can use the live chat feature as a marketing tool. By ensuring it pops up when someone visits your website, you’re able to catch their attention and possibly get them to chat with you. This is how you generate leads without spending a dime.

Another important feature to have on your website is “click to call.”

This ensures visitors don’t have to manually dial your business’ phone number. All they have to do is click on the feature and their devices will automatically pick up the number and ring your business.

Take a peep at the website of Fischer Heating and Air Conditioning to see an example of this feature at work.

Blogging Doesn’t Grow Old

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s likely your HVAC business already has a blog. Content marketing is 63 percent cheaper.

In 2019, up your blogging game by creating longer and in-depth content, and do away with the stock images.

If you don’t have the expertise to write authoritative content, outsource the task to an SEO agency. It will cost you money, sure, but you’ll get high-quality articles that’ll boost your search rankings and increase lead conversion.

Reputation Management

Does your business have a social media presence?

Good! While social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are perfect for lead generation and building brand awareness, they can also kill your business.

Negative social reviews and comments hurt your business’ reputation and discourage potential clients from using your services.

This is why you must invest in reputation management. Your service provider will be on the lookout for negative reviews and the necessary steps to fix them as they crop up.

Innovative Marketing Gives Your HVAC Business an Edge

The demand for heating and cooling services will always be there. As new HVAC businesses enter the market, however, competition is only going to get fiercer.

Lucky for you, we’ve shared a couple of innovative marketing ideas that can take your business to next level. Now your job is to implement them.

As you do that, keep tabs on our blog for more marketing tips.