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How to Improve Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

e-commerce marketingNothing improves online presence and conversion like e-commerce marketing.

This form of digital marketing aims to increase traffic and leads on e-commerce sites. E-commerce sites are sites designed to sell products. The reigning champion of the e-commerce website world is Amazon.

Amazon has proven to be stiff competition in the world of e-commerce. While e-commerce sales are growing, that growth doesn’t mean less competition. If anything, the competition is more fierce than ever before.

For that reason, you need an e-commerce marketing strategy that works.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like your site’s strategy is panning out. Your traffic has dropped, and your conversion rates are down. As a result, your sales have taken a dive.

Thankfully, there are numerous tried and true e-commerce techniques that can get those numbers back up.

Let’s take a look at some popular, effective e-commerce marketing techniques below.

How to Improve Your E-commerce Marketing Strategy

Some business owners think that employing a few e-commerce techniques will get their numbers up. And those techniques may well make a blip or two on the sales radar.

But since you’re in the e-commerce business, you want to make as much money as possible. As such, you should utilize as many of these techniques as you can.

Influencer Involvement

Influencers have proven a powerful marketing tool in the past decade.

Influencers are Internet personalities who are recognized as experts in a niche field. They have thousands upon thousands of followers who await new content from them.

Often, influencers post reviews of products that pertain to that niche field. For example, a YouTube influencer who specializes in the cosmetic industry will likely post reviews of make-up and hair products.

For that reason, businesses often turn to influencers to promote a new product. They will reach out to a chosen influencer and request they promote the new product somehow. Often the method of promotion is through a review.

The business will then supply the influencer with an advanced demo. After the review goes live, that influencer’s network of thousands will know about the product.

One demo equals thousands of potential leads.


Often, customers don’t abandon sale items because they don’t want them. They sometimes become distracted by other tasks and forget the items lingering in their online carts. They also hesitate to buy the items until they can perform further research.

Remarketing redirects customers’ attention back to those abandoned items.

There are a few different ways to go about remarketing.

First, you can shoot customers an email. The email will remind them of the items in an exciting, friendly manner that doesn’t feel pushy.

Second, you can target their on-site advertising. Make sure they see ads for that item whenever they log into their account.

Likewise, you can send them emails advertising the item.

Live Chat

Live chatboxes are an incredibly useful feature for every e-commerce site.

Customers who have minor questions or need clarity can reach a rep right away. The rep can then provide them with answers and clarification. Once customers receive the information they need, they can continue shopping.

All customers appreciate immediate attention to their problems. Speedy resolutions tell them, “We care about your business, and we care about you.”

Additionally, live chatboxes allow customers to report any problems that they’re having with the site. In this fashion, they can help you weed out programming and linking problems. Plus, since the problems are reported, you can address them more quickly.

Live chatboxes are catching like wildfire in the e-commerce world. BillyOh and other e-commerce websites offer live chat as part of their normal customer support.

Mobile Optimization

Last Black Friday, 61% of all conversion sales occurred through mobile devices. In fact, over half of all sales were placed on smartphones and other mobile hardware.

Mobile is not going away. It’s only going to get bigger.

The convenience of mobile devices is irresistible. Why would customers find a desktop platform and wait for it to boot up just to place an order? They can do the same thing on their mobile devices for a lot less time and effort.

For that reason, it’s imperative that you make sure your e-commerce website is optimized for mobile use.

Your site should adjust to mobile frames. If it doesn’t, then it will take longer to load due to the large frame size. Large frame sizes also make navigation a pain.

Mobile optimization doesn’t stop at frame size, though. Navigation and the checkout process need to be simplified. If possible, reduce them both to a single click.

Loyalty Programs

Past customers are easier to sell to than new ones. Past customers have used your website, know you’re legitimate, and feel safe doing business with you.

For that reason, it’s wise to develop a loyalty program.

You can implement loyalty programs in a number of ways. However, one popular method is giving away coupon codes.

The coupon codes usually offer 10% off the customer’s next purchase or something to that effect. Some e-commerce stores require the code to be used within a set amount of time.

You can also reward customers with points towards prizes or their next purchase.

Free Shipping

Part of Amazon’s secret to success is free shipping. When you spend so much money on one order, your shipping becomes free.

Amazon also hosts third-party sellers. Those sellers can opt to have their shipping charges waived, or “fulfilled by Amazon.” That way, customers have a wider selection of items to choose from and feel more enticed to buy them.

Amazon has a lot of staying power in the market due in part to its business model. Part of that power also comes from its brand name and success.

As such, your website likely can’t compete with Amazon using the same tactics. You would lose a lot of money on shipping charges.

However, you can implement a free shipping program of some sort.

You may need to raise the amount needed to qualify for free shipping. You may need to designate one day a month as “Free Shipping Day.” You may need to require customers buy a certain item to get free shipping on all of their items.

Regardless, free shipping works. You just need to find how it works for your e-commerce marketing strategy.

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