Small Business Brief


5 Creative Marketing Strategies For Furniture And Mattress Sellers

creative marketing strategiesIt’s called banner blindness when consumers ignore ads on the web. But, it’s not only online — people hate ads in general (especially millennials). Small businesses turn to creative marketing strategies to bypass noise and build better engagement.

You may have tried an odd-ball campaign. It may have gone over the heads of your target audience. Perhaps it’s time to give it another go.

Ready to try something different?

1. A Little Something More

Ever see the photo that went around with the owners’ pet in a display tent (like this pic)? The discussion pointed to a viral campaign possibly created by Dick’s Sporting Goods. How smart!

Imagine a campaign using photos of the tiny display models with owners and pets by their side. It would draw attention from customers and social media.

You could create a photo contest with these items, too, which gets owners posting and tagging the business on their social profiles.

2. Defy Logic

Imagine you were selling Sterling Sleep’s softside waterbeds. These newer types of waterbeds aren’t prone to the poke and leaks from yesteryears. Yet, most people envision a waterbed as a large, water balloon.

Defy conventional logic: Have people wince as you jab the mattress to show its durability. You could create a series of videos showing different “attacks” on the waterbeds — each helping to expose your brand and products.

3. AR, VR, and 3D Printing

Larger mattress and furniture chains can allow customers to do at-home trials. But, small businesses rarely have the capital or stock to offer a similar service.

Provide customers with augmented reality apps to place virtual furniture in their home. Or, let them browse a virtual store through VR goggles.

You could go sci-fi and offer basic plans to print models of furniture using 3D printers. It’s just crazy enough to work — it’ll certainly cause people to take notice of your marketing and brand!

4. Get Active in Niche Decorating Communities

There are hundreds of these decorative Facebook groups. The groups post and discuss home decor ideas and suggestions.

Rarely do you see big brands participating in these channels. This gives a great opportunity for a small business to make the experience personal. You could even target these pages and groups when running Facebook ads.

Join these groups and offer feedback and suggestions. Occasionally plug your wares as part of a larger tutorial or showcase.

5. Newsjacking

Put a unique spin on newsjacking — injecting your brand into news items.

Stir the pot by calling out a local competitor. Or, reach out and show support for people in need. It worked wonders for getting the nation to learn about Gallery Furniture. A store that opened their doors as a shelter after Hurricane Harvey.

The opportunity comes by from time to time. Be ready to jump into the limelight by participating in the discussion. You could set alerts using Google Alerts for news-worthy articles to track and leverage.

Bringing Creative Marketing Strategies to Slow Industries

It’s beneficial to try creative marketing strategies in the furniture and mattress industry. Why? Because consumers have generally seen these industries as “boring” or “slow”.

The competition probably operates the same way as they did half a century ago.

A bit of marketing creativity has a profound impact on brand awareness. Wouldn’t it be nice to associate your brand with what you’re selling? Try one of these strategies to make it happen!