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The Entrepreneurs Guide on How to Start a Window Cleaning Business

Looking to start a business you can do outdoors? A window cleaning business can be both enjoyable and profitable. But how do you start one? Click here for our complete guide on how to start a window cleaning business.

Have you been thinking about starting your own window washing business?

There has actually been a huge surge in demand for window washers over the course of the last decade. And that surge could continue well into the future as more and more homes and businesses go up all across the country.

To increase the chances of making your business a success, learn how to start a window cleaning business before you actually set out to do it. It’ll help you prepare yourself for competing in the window washing industry and allow you to pick up clients a lot quicker than usual.

Here is a helpful guide that will help you get your window washing business off the ground.

Come Up With a Name for Your Business and Register It

One of the first things you’ll want to do when creating a window washing business is come up with a name for it.

The name you create should let people know what it is that your company does. They should read the name and automatically understand that you wash windows.

After you have a name you like, register it and obtain the proper business license in your city or state. This will solidify your business and ensure that no one else tries to operate under your name.

Getting a business license will also legitimize you in the eyes of your customers. They’ll know you’re for real when you have a license.

Obtain Business Insurance for Your Company

Washing windows is a job that could potentially be dangerous once you start doing it. Even if you’re only cleaning windows on a two-story building, it could put you in harm’s way.

It’s why you’re going to need to put a business insurance policy in place immediately. The sooner you can do it, the better. It will protect you and any employees you might have in the event of an accident.

There’s a good chance people aren’t going to hire you to perform services for them until you have a license and insurance. So get both as quickly as you can to avoid any issues later.

Consider What Kind of Window Washing Services You’ll Offer

Speaking of performing services for people, have you thought about which services you’re going to offer?

Some window washing companies cater solely to homeowners. Others focus all of their efforts on commercial companies.

You can choose to offer any services you want. But it’s a good idea for you to be crystal clear as far as which services you’ll provide for people.

Generate a long list of services you could potentially offer and then narrow it down to the ones you want to start off with. It’ll help you market your services to customers more effectively later.

Purchase the Equipment You’ll Need to Perform Your Services

Once you know which services you’ll provide for people, think about what kind of equipment you’re going to need to carry them out.

At first, you might only need to order some sponges and basic cleaning supplies. But over time, you might want to expand and start cleaning the windows on skyscrapers, which will obviously require more heavy-duty equipment.

Either way, make sure you have the equipment that’ll be necessary to clean windows for customers. Think about taking out a loan from a lender like Assets America if you need financial assistance.

Set Up a Website and Social Media Accounts for Your Business

As a new business owner, you’re going to need to work hard to attract customers to your services.

One of the ways to do it is by setting up a website for yourself as well as social media accounts. Your business should have a Facebook account in addition to Twitter and Instagram accounts. They’ll help you market yourself.

Your website should include everything from the services you offer and the locations you serve to your contact information and a blog on it with window washing tips. This will bring in traffic to your site and help you connect with those who could benefit from your business most.

Cold Call Potential Customers and Let Them Know About Your Company

Outside of starting up a website and creating social media accounts, you should also make it a point to reach out to potential customers directly to get the ball rolling for your business.

If you’re going to cater to businesses, cold call restaurants, office buildings, schools, and more to see if they would be interested in trying out your services. Prepare for your cold calls by creating a list of reasons why businesses need a professional window cleaning service.

You’re going to hear the word “NO!” early and often. It might leave you feeling a little down about the idea of starting a window cleaning business.

But all it takes is one “yes” to make you feel like a million bucks. One customer will give you the chance to prove yourself and your business model to others.

Think About Advertising Your Business on Local TV and Radio

While setting up a website, posting on social media, and cold calling potential customers should bring in some business, there are traditional advertising methods that will work, too.

Shoot a funny TV commercial for your window washing business that gets people talking. Or create a catchy jingle for the radio that people just can’t get out of their heads.

This will no doubt lead to phone calls and emails for your business. It’ll put your company on the map once and for all.

Now That You Know How to Start a Window Cleaning Business, Get Started

Knowing how to start a window cleaning business is the first step towards actually getting your business up and going.

Now that you know how to do it, follow the steps listed here to start your journey. It won’t be long before you’re washing windows for everyone in town and getting paid to do it.

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