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Beef up the Boardroom: 5 Presentation Ideas to Freshen up Your Meetings

Of all the phobias you can have, the most common is the fear of public speaking. In fact, it’s so common that the formal name for this fear is Glossophobia and 75% of people suffer from it.

But why is the fear of speaking such a common phobia? And what can you do to conquer your fear and give amazing presentations?

If you’re looking for ways to create a presentation that makes your meeting memorable then check out these presentation ideas.

1. Be Seen and Heard

Roughly 55% of the information we absorb is visual rather than verbal. This means if you want your presentations to be showstopping you need to focus on pictures instead of words.

Now we’re going to give our most controversial piece of advice: ditch powerpoint. This may seem counterintuitive, but when most people see slides they tune out. 

Some creative presentation ideas that rival powerpoints are handouts or giving a live demo of a product you’re talking about. Luckily there are interesting software choices out there like Prezi and other presentation management software to make visuals aids easier.

2. Preparation is Everything

This seems like one of the most obvious presentation tips, but there’s a lot that goes into presentation preparation.

Your preparation needs to go beyond knowing your flashcards or visual aids. It’s important to have a grasp of your audience and what their expectations of your presentation are. 

You’re going to give a different presentation to a group of interns compared to a group of colleagues you’re giving a monthly financial report to. Make sure you talk with the event organizer to get a feel for who’s going to be in the audience. 

3. Use Storytelling to Your Advantage

If you ever watch a TED talk, you’ll notice that the one thing the best speakers have common is that they’re all great storytellers. 

Telling stories makes you more relatable to your audience and allows you to connect with them on a personal level. This is especially important when marketing products that the crowd isn’t familiar with. 

4. Make em’ Laugh

The easiest way to get people on your side is to use humor. Telling jokes can make you more memorable to your audience and can make them more likely to listen to you.

If you don’t feel comfortable making a joke or using humor through your speech, a lighthearted comment or remark can help ease any nerves or tension. 

5. Start Strong

If you lose them in the first few seconds then it’s impossible to get them back. You need to be sure you’re not starting by just introducing yourself and your topic.

Make sure that you start your presentation with something big that captures the audience’s attention. The best way to do this is to start with a statistic or a quote or with a rhetorical question.

First, get your audience emotionally invested. Then you can worry about introducing yourself and your topic. 

Want More Business Presentation Ideas

Knowing how to give a great presentation can be the difference between communicating information and losing customers. If you want more amazing presentation ideas or general business advice then check out our blog.