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What’s The Difference Between UX vs UI and Where Should You Put Your Money?

Many people use the terms UX and UI interchangeably without realizing that they are actually two different things. We are going to cover UX vs UI in the article below so that you can understand the difference between each one.

Keep reading to get a better understanding of each and the biggest difference between UX and UI.

What Is UX?

UX stands for User Experience. The user experience is determined by how easy it is for someone to interact with the elements of an app or web design.

UX designers make sure that the functionality and the structure are well organized and design how the interface works. As long as the interface works well and feels seamless, users will have a good experience. UX designers work hard to avoid having a complicated navigation that will turn users away, usability is essential in UX design. 

There are a number of UX design trends that you can use as a UX designer to maximize user engagement.  

What Is UI?

UI stands for User Interface. The user interface is the actual layout of an application. The UI is all of the elements that enable a user to interact with an app or website. 

The buttons that you see, text entry fields, sliders, images, etc are all part of the user interface. UI designers decide what the application and site are going to look like. Everything from the button shapes, the color schemes, the fonts, and line widths are what the UI designer chooses when creating the user interface.

What Is the Difference Between UX vs UI?

The main difference between UX and UI is that UX is the overall feel of the experience and UI is about how the product’s interfaces function and look. 

The UX designer takes the user’s journey into consideration while they are creating the interface. The designer considers things like what steps will the user take? What tasks will they need to complete? etc during the creation process.

Once the product is mapped out it is time for the UI designer to bring everything to life. The map from the UX designer is used to create everything from start to finish to give the user the best experience possible. 

In lamest terms, the UX designer maps out the journey for the product and the UI designer makes it real and brings it to life. Both UX and UI need each other in order to bring about the best experience possible for the person using the application.

Feeling Like a UX and UI Pro?

Now that you know more about UX vs UI you can stop using the terms interchangeably if you have been guilty of this. As you can see although they are two different terms they need each other in order for each one to work. 

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