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Go Team Go! 5 Motivation Ideas You Need to Try on Your Employees

Even the best employees lose motivation after a long time of repeating mundane tasks every day. This may lower the productivity of your team, which may significantly affect the ROI of your business. 

If you notice this is happening, it’s time to get creative with team motivation ideas to get them excited about work again.

Here are useful tips you can try out.

1. Establish a Rewards System

Implementing a reward program can motivate your employees to work towards their goals. Their values and passion for their job will encourage them to do what is required of them, but this is a little boost. 

Offering rewards to high performing employees encourage them to keep up the good work and motivates others to put in more effort.

Some of the ways you can reward your employees include:

  • Recognition 
  • Benefits 
  • Appreciation
  • Compensation

You can set up the rewards system based on your budget. Appreciation and recognition are the easiest ways to adapt, as they are cost-effective. The two encourage employees to keep exceeding the expectations by going an extra step as they know you acknowledge the efforts.

For a successful group project, you may want to offer them lunch to celebrate. If you decide to go for the reward system, set up a point system with clear guidelines on how many points an employee gets, and what they have to do and by what extreme.

For example, you might say exceeding target sales will be rewarded by 10% of the value of the cost above the target. Hold consistent evaluation to make sure you keep your word on rewarding excellent performance.

2. Create a Conducive Environment for Your Employees

Creating a conducive environment is among the vital team motivation ideas. Having a pleasant working environment full of positivity will make your employees look forward to reporting to work every morning.

Some of the ways to make your work space-friendly include:

Utilize natural light. Let in as much natural light in your office as you can. Use lighter folds that reduce glare but still let in light.

Add plants. They can make your office more aesthetically pleasing. Plants can also reduce stress and boost productivity.

Make it comfortable. If your employees spend most of the time sitting in the office, provide them with a comfortable seat. Also, consider investing in ergonomic supplies such as neutral-position mouses and standing desks. Ensure your office is well ventilated and well heated and cooled.

Open the space up. One thing that boosts sales in a company is teamwork. If possible, encourage your employees to interact with one another by removing physical barriers. This eliminates the discomfort that they may have when they’ve got to team-up for projects.

3. Keep the Communication Lines Open

Open communication is key to keeping the business going. Maintaining communication with employees helps them understand what they’re working against. It also eliminates the ambiguity about priorities, goals, teamwork, and deadlines.

Create an open line of communication and encourage your team members to talk to you. Let them know you’re there to discuss anything that may be keeping them from reaching their normal productivity levels.

Make it clear that it’s okay to express themselves freely at the workplace. Some techniques to use to encourage employees to communicate include:

Schedule meetings. Consider a one-on-one group, once a week with your employees. Discussing their ongoing projects gives them a chance to mention any challenges they might be having. 

Hold office hours. This is blocking time during office hours, where employees can come to you with complaints, questions, and suggestions. Office hours allow them to make a habit of consulting you regularly without the anxiety that comes with booking appointments.

Ask for feedback. While you’re doing everything you can in your power to motivate your employees, getting the real results can help you know what’s working. Ask how employees are performing in group activities, as well as how they rate you as their manager. Consider making the latter anonymous to encourage honest feedback. Keep in mind that how you react to the feedback will determine whether your employees will continue trusting you with sensitive information. 

4. Create Opportunities for Career Development

This helps you to attract great talents in your industry, as well as motivate your employees. Allow your employees to advance their hard or soft skills within your company to advance their career path.

Here are ideas of how you can offer career improvement opportunities.

  • Mentorship programs 
  • Regular performance reviews
  • In-person or online training
  • Admission to informative conferences
  • List of videos, podcasts and other resources
  • Career shadowing programs 

If you realize one of your employees is reliable and has a chance in management, find them reliable resources to learn. Also, try finding a position for them in your company. 

Brainstorm some corporate event ideas that can help your employees grow and elevate. A team that feels like they’ve got a chance to advance their career is typically motivated.

5. Empower Your Employees

After training your employees well, delegating them with the right duties, give them space to get creative.

While some sensitive tasks need constant follow-ups, micromanaging your team may lead to loss of motivation. 

Allowing them to use their approach leads to innovation in the company. It also gives them a sense of accountability. And by trusting them, it means they will go out of their way not to disappoint you.

Letting your employees know you trust them also boosts their self-esteem and motivates them to give them the best results.

Do You Want More Team Motivation Ideas?

Your greatest asset is your team, as you are only as effective as they can be. Even with great ideas and plans, you can’t implement them by yourself. You’ll need a reliable team to support you and focus on the daily tasks of your business.

Since you’ll need them to stay productive, it’s advisable to find team motivation ideas to incorporate into your business culture. This will encourage your employees to be more productive and more thorough with their tasks.

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