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How to Create an Office Network and Get Your Business Internet Running

If you are part of the 30+ million small businesses in the United States you more than likely need internet to run things efficiently. If you have multiple computers in your office and want to make sure all of them are on the same office network, we put this guide together to help you. 

Keep reading to learn how to set up a simple yet efficient network for your office.

Choose a Switch for Your Office Network

First, you will want to choose from the three types of network switches. The switch will allow the devices on the network to communicate and share information. With a switch, all of the connected devices in your network can “talk” to each other no matter where they are in the building or office space.

A managed switch will give you more control over the internet connection on each device. These switches can be adjusted remotely or a tech can control the switch using a Command Line Interface (CLI).

An unmanaged switch is less technical than a managed switch. You take it out of the box plug it in and it’s ready to go with basic configurations. A smart switch is in between a managed and unmanaged switch. It’s a step above an unmanaged switch because you can control Layer 2 of the interconnection.

We recommend having an expert like Concepts 2 Completion Inc. deal with choosing the best switch for your needs and setting it up. This will avoid extra stress and any delays in getting your business network up and running. If you need your switch to transfer data quickly keep in mind that the faster it can transfer the more you can expect to pay.

Choose a Router

The router is necessary because it will tie different types of networks together. This is what is needed to tie your network to the internet. It receives a broadband signal from the modem and makes internet connectivity available for all of the devices on the same network.

If your office will be adopting the bring your own device concept then you should consider getting a wireless router instead. Sometimes you will need more than one router, it depends on your needs and how large your office is. 

Time to Get Your Office Network Up and Running

Now that you are aware of how to set up your small business office network you can get started yourself or recruit help from the pros. The tips above are a great starting point but every office has its own needs. 

Keep in mind that every computer operating system will have a different requirement when it comes to connecting to the network you end up setting up. If you are not sure how to connect each device to your network please seek help to avoid messing anything up.

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