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5 Types of Office Technology To Make Simplify the Workplace

Technology is everything when it comes to operating a business. Employee communication is one of the top ways to ensure your team is productive throughout the day. 

Having office technology that supports this communication can help elevate your business over your competitors. Check out these top 5 types of office technology that will make you more effective in the workplace. 

1. Two-Way Radios

Cell phone use during business hours can be a major distraction. According to Fortune, cell phones cost employers an average of eight hours per week.

Employees who use an RCA walkie talkie can communicate from different parts of the office or warehouse without the need for cell phones. The instant relay of information means the ability to get real-time feedback when working on projects across large spaces.

2. Cloud Collaboration

Cloud collaboration apps are growing in popularity because they allow real-time messaging for groups. This office technology is a must-have for project management teams who need regular updates from team members.

Software like Slack allows team members to share documents and segment conversations by topic or project so communication remains streamlined.

3. Connected Furniture

One way to upgrade your lobby and lounge areas is to add connected furniture. Connected furniture allows employees to choose where they work and feel most productive.

A connected armchair might have both USB and outlets to allow users to find remote locations to get work done. Some connected furniture comes with privacy panels to help keep away nearby distractions.  

4. AirPrint or Cloud Print

Shared printers are a gift and a curse. The ability to print from a wireless device like a tablet or cell phone is a major convenience in many offices. 

Printers with Airprint capabilities save employees time by allowing them to print documents on the way to meetings instead of having to go back to a desktop computer for access.

Airprint is a feature specific to Apple devices while Cloud Print can be used through a Google account. Both are free to users with the latest software. 

5. Employee Apps

Employee apps help managers and employees manage payroll details from a mobile device. These apps give employees access to things like pay stubs and tax information. 

But some companies are adopting internal apps that allow them to communicate with employees on the go. Features like push notifications allow managers to quickly get in touch with teams without the need for third-party apps.  

Surveys show that when employees remain engaged through communication, turnover rates are reduced. Companies that rely on freelancers and contractors who work remotely can keep in touch with important alerts without requiring them to attend in-person meetings. 

Choosing the Right Office Technology

Office technology makes doing business easier when it’s the right fit for your budget and company size. Employ new technology that’s easy to integrate into your existing operations.

Learning new office technology shouldn’t be a distraction from day-to-day tasks. Starting small is the best way to gradually incorporate a new system all employees can appreciate. 

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