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An Overview of Common IT Roles

The IT job market grew by more than 17,000 jobs in April. Businesses of all sizes are hiring IT staff in light of inflation and a potential drop in economic activity.

If you’re hiring an IT specialist to join your business, do you know what you’re actually hiring for? There are dozens of different IT roles within information technology.

Understanding some of the jobs in IT will help you decide exactly the type of employee you need. We’ve got you covered because you’re about to learn more about the most common technology jobs.

Read on to find out what they are.

Security Specialists

Hackers love to target small businesses. They send phishing emails every day, hoping some unsuspecting business owner gives up passwords or bank account information.

Unfortunately, it works all too well. That’s why it’s one of the top cyber threats businesses face.

IT security specialists get your business ready to prevent and respond to cyber threats. They also keep up with new threats so your business is secure.

Data Analysts

Businesses generate a ton of data every day. They collect data on their customers. That have powerful insights right in front of them.

The problem is that they don’t know how to gather and interpret the data they have. Business owners lose a competitive advantage because they can’t make strategic decisions.  

Data analysts collect data, scrub it for accuracy, and generate reports. They present their views and interpretations to the company’s executive team.

Cloud Engineers

Do you know what a zettabyte is? It’s the number one followed by 21 zeros, or a trillion gigabytes. That’s how much data is going to be in cloud storage by 2025.

Cloud engineers help businesses migrate their operations to the cloud, secure their systems, and optimize the network infrastructure.

If you’re going to hire a cloud engineer, make sure you work with one that specializes in cloud technologies like AWS. Reach out to AWS recruiters to make sure you hire the right candidate.

Technical Support

A technical support person is there to help your employees or customers solve minor technical issues. Employees lose too much time trying to diagnose why their computers don’t work or why they can’t connect to the printer.

Tech support is one of the important IT roles because of the amount of time it saves. If you need tech support for your customers, you’ll realize how it impacts customer retention.

Web Designers and Developers

About 23% of small businesses still don’t have a website. A website designer and developer can help you build or redesign an existing site.

Web designers focus on the user experience and look of the site. Developers work on the backend to make sure your site performs well. You should have both when you work on your website.

The Most Common IT Roles

Information technology encompasses a wide range of critical functions. The IT roles presented here only cover the main IT roles you can hire for.

In the end, your business will become more efficient and secure because you hired IT experts in the areas you need.

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