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5 Simple Way to Use Technology in Your Small Business

It’s hard to find time in the day when you run a business. It seems like there is always something that requires your attention. The good news is that technology can help ease your burden.

Businesses everywhere make use of tech now more than ever. So much so that 89% of companies expected their IT budgets to grow in 2019.

If you’re trying to improve the efficiency of your business, investing in business technology is one of the best things to do. Below are five ways to use tech to make your business run more smoothly.

1. Project Management

It takes a lot of coordination to handle a large project. The problem is, if you don’t have the tools to streamline the process, it’s hard to keep all the details straight.

There are online project management tools that make communication a breeze. You get one central place to set up your projects, assign tasks, and control the flow of the project.

You won’t need to worry about people digging through email chains to figure out what to do. All your team needs to do is log in to the project portal to get the latest updates.

2. Remote Conferencing

We live in a world where a lot of business isn’t conducted at the office. You have people who work remotely and travel to customer locations. It’s hard to hold meetings when you’re missing people at the office.

Remote conferencing software solves this problem. Your team will boot up your conferencing software and be able to join your meetings. Your managed IT services company will be able to help you get the right software and hardware for the job.

3. Customer Support

You might be able to handle support yourself if you only have a few customers. Things get harder once you start growing.

An online ticketing system gives you a way to track all your customer issues. Your support team can log in, grab a ticket, and get problems solved.

4. Accounting

If you’re still throwing all your financials into a spreadsheet, you’re doing things the hard way. You’re spending too much time entering data and opening yourself up to mistakes.

Online accounting software can connect to your bank account to download your transactions for you. Not only that, but they will also categorize your transaction and provide you detailed reports about your financial situation.

5. Marketing

Fewer people than ever are looking at ads offline. People spend more time than ever on the internet. If you want to get in front of these people, you need to use marketing technology to get their attention.

Platforms like Facebook and Google give you the ability to show ads to their users. Figure out the people that you want to target and build a text ad that appeals to the problem they have.

Business Technology Is More Important Than Ever

Things are moving faster in business than they ever have. If you don’t invest in business technology, you aren’t going to keep up with your competitors are using every advantage they can get. Try your first product today to see the benefits for yourself.

Once you start using more technology in your business, you can start using it to find new customers. Keep reading our blog to discover our latest tips for finding new leads online.