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5 Essential Pieces of Equipment Every Dentist Needs

Are you a dentist opening a new practice? Are you already practicing and hoping to do some upgrades to your dental practice?

Keeping track of everything you need to get the practice running can be overwhelming. When really you want to get started and do the dental work

Let’s take a look at some of the dental equipment your office will need to get started.

1. Patient Room Needs

Patients are the core of what you do. You want them to feel comfortable in your office and confident with your service. So you need to outfit your patient areas with care. 

Consider these needs:

  • Dental Chairs
  • Stools for you and staff
  • Equipment cabinetry  

The truth is that some people feel anxious about coming to the dentist. You also want a waiting room that is comfortable and welcoming. Think about furniture and decor choices that create a sense of calm. 

2. Equipment Delivery System and Light

You know you can’t do your job without the right equipment right at hand. You need an equipment delivery system that will hold your tools of the trade. Most equipment delivery systems bring both air and electrical equipment to you. 

You will need to decide if you want a freestanding delivery system or a chair or base mounted delivery system. You want to consider how many instruments will have automatic activation. 

You also want to consider what equipment you need and want to run through the delivery system.

You also need to consider lighting. The lighting system is key to you seeing what you are doing. Decide how you want them mounted and what kind of light you want, LED and Halogen are some choices. 

3. X-Ray Equipment

An important part of you seeing what is happening in your patients’ mouths are the things you can’t see with your eyes. X-ray equipment is essential for looking at the parts of the teeth, jaw, and mouth you can’t see from them just saying ahhhh. 

You need an X-ray machine. You also need:

  • Protective apparel
  • Film room apparel
  • Film room developing
  • Screen to illuminate results

Also, consider what size X-ray films you want to take and how you will store those results for the patients.

4. Sterilization Equipment

In today’s world, keeping your practice disinfected and sterile is key to success. Patients are more acutely aware of the risks associated with contamination and non-sterile equipment. 

You need sterilization equipment for all hand tools and equipment. You also need to have office protocols for sterilizing all parts of your office that won’t go into the sterilization machines.

5. Supplies

Dentist supplies beyond the chairs, lights, and machinery are needed in abundance. These are things like:

  • Patient bibs
  • Hand mirrors
  • Probes
  • Suction tools
  • Burnisher
  • Anesthetic
  • Impression materials    

These are to name a few. The list can be rather long and you need a quality dental supplier who can help you prep your office with all the necessary supplies.

Dental Equipment for Your Dental Office

You have made it through years of schooling, practicums, and exams. Now you need to get the necessary dental equipment to get your office up and running. Use this list of ideas to help you get started. 

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