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11 Telltale Signs Your Company Needs an IT Security Consultant

Did you know the cybersecurity market could reach $248.26 billion by 2023?

Are you wondering what to do in the event of a cyber attack on your company? Not to worry! In this article, we’ll go over why you should consider hiring an IT security consultant.

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Why You Need an IT Security Consultant

There are signs that reveal you might need an IT security consultant. If you have outdated technology, lack expertise, or don’t have a plan in case of an emergency, you may need help.

1. Do You Have Outdated Technology?

Hackers can identify obsolete software and hardware. They see the vulnerabilities and can hack into your system. Many businesses don’t keep on top of updates.

If you’re running on outdated software or operating systems, you could face some issues. Have a security consultant come take a look. They can upgrade you to safer technology.

2. Have You Completed an Audit?

Some businesses might not want to spend the money to perform a full security check-up of their system. Teams might have to pause on crucial tasks, and it’s disruptive. Set aside the time for a rigorous assessment.

If you carry out an audit of your security policies, you can make sure they work in practice. Ask a security consultant to come in and see where your systems are at their weakest. They’ll have an unbiased opinion.

3. Hackers Target Certain Industries

Hackers priorities change over time. Some industries become more popular than others. Has your industry suffered more attacks? This is a sign you should look at your own security.

If your industry is cyber attacked, improve your IT security. This will help prevent an attack on your own system.

4. Do You Lack Expertise?

Even with an IT team, you might not have the expertise needed to deal with cybersecurity issues.

Digital security is a specialized field that changes all the time. There’s a constant race between security experts and hackers. 

5. Do You Have a Plan?

All digital businesses will face threats at times. Have a plan of action ready as part of your security. In the event of an attack, you’ll know what your disaster response will look like.

Without security steps, you could follow up with a situation confused and lost. A consultant can help you go over data handling and decide on your response.

This will provide you with some sense of comfort in the case of an emergency. If you respond fast, you can increase the survival of your business.

6. You Need Better Technology

If you’ve acknowledged that your outdated tech is a problem, sit down with a consultant. They’ll suggest tech you need to protect your system. They will take into account your budget for replacing old systems.

This way, you can save time on researching how to upgrade your systems on your own. Read more here about advanced technical solutions.

7. Is Your Business Growing?

When businesses grow, cyber threats can increase. More problems can arise when you have a large operation. 

If you’ve moved to the cloud, you’ll need rigorous security, both in staff and tech conduct. A consultant can go over potential new vulnerabilities as your business expands.

8. Do You Want to Improve Customer Service?

Business owners always seek new ways to make customers satisfied. Technology can achieve this when done right. Current technologies allow businesses to communicate with their clients in an efficient manner.

Technologies also help employees improve their efficiency and productivity. IT consultants tell you what technologies to choose to improve productivity.

9. Do You Want Non-Stop Service?

If any issue arose in the middle of the night, you could call your consultant. This removes the stress of worrying you won’t reach someone. Companies have consultants on call 24/7.

If you have a problem that you’d like to tackle on the weekend when everyone is at home, you can call them up. This way you won’t have to worry about interrupting employees work. 

10. Tough Compliance Standards

Governments have regulations to control the way businesses use and access data. Businesses now have stricter standards to meet.

A company is liable for things that go wrong. For example, if you had a data breach, you could face steep financial penalties.

A consultant will go over how your company needs to adapt to meet compliance regulations. This could save you from potential legal action or issues.

11. Do You Want More Productive Employees?

A lot of modern businesses end up multitasking. External pressures make companies use up their energy in less critical areas. This cripples your core business because your time’s poured into other activities.

Your business might suffer and not thrive. IT consultants can help you with cybersecurity for a flat fee. You can focus your attention on core tasks.

A consultant working with your IT staff will develop faster procedures. The consultant can also work with your team to make sure they understand protocols.

They’ll educate your staff on how to notice threats before they occur. Your entire team will feel more united after this. This helps increase their productivity at work. Discover how to create a more productive office layout for your staff.

Want to Learn More?

We hope you found this article on hiring an IT security consultant insightful. Make sure you have a procedure to follow in the event of a cyber attack. A consultant can walk you through this. Your entire team will feel more secure.

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