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How to Write Instagram Captions That Will Boost Engagement

What makes you want to stop and read a caption’s post? How did it stir your curiosity and interest?

Coming up with an engaging caption for your post is tricky. Nowadays, people have the attention span of a goldfish, and if you don’t start your caption right, they’ll be skipping your post and scrolling away in a heartbeat. 

Learning how to write Instagram captions isn’t hard but does require lots of creativity and effort. Here are some tips to consider. 

First Line Needs to be Catchy 

You have about 2-5 seconds to draw your reader’s attention. And the first thing they’ll read within those few seconds is the first line of your caption, so better make it interesting! It needs to capture the reader’s attention in order for them to press the “more” button to finish reading your cap.

Spark interest in your readers by opening your caption with a fascinating statement or a question that triggers an emotional response. Make it engaging and compelling, and think of something that’ll hook them onto your caption. 

Add a Good CTA

Good Instagram captions always include a good CTA. Inviting your audience to take action of some sort will drive more traffic to your profile and create more interaction with your audience. Your CTA can be simple yet super effective, such as asking your followers to “double-tap” if they agree with what you’re saying. 

Depending on how powerful you are as an influencer, you can ask your followers to repost your story, tag a friend, comment, or even visit your company’s website! By encouraging your audience to take action, you’ll boost engagement on your profile. 

Add Line Breaks for Long Captions 

Let’s face it—people who use social media are becoming lazy readers. When people see a big, bulky, long caption, it’s easy for them to scroll down and not even bother reading the first few lines. 

So, if you have lots to say on your profile, make your large captions punchy and easy to read by adding line breaks between sentences. Adding line breaks will give your captions a good reading flow and make it easier for the reader to digest the information you’re communicating. 

It also tricks them into thinking that your long caption isn’t that long. Line breaks make your caption seem shorter than it is, making your reader less hesitant about reading it. 

Make Sure Your Captions Match Your Tone 

It’s important to match the tone of your Instagram captions to your brand’s identity. An informal tone is always a good approach, making them more personal and engaging. 

However, your captions must mirror your brand’s personality. If you have a hard time trying to harmonize your tone with your brand, you can always hire professionals to help, such as the ones you can find at

Use Emojis

Everyone loves emojis. Emojis can add some humor and personality to your captions. Just make sure to use them wisely. 

If you go overboard with the emojis and insert them in random places throughout the caption, it’ll look sloppy and tacky. Use just enough of them to make your captions look even more engaging. 

How to Write Instagram Captions—Revealed

The next time you’re trying to figure out how to write Instagram captions, just keep these few tips in mind! Following these suggestions and extra practice will have you writing attention-grabbing captions in no time. 

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