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Should You Translate Your Company Website?

English content accounts for an estimated 60% of online content from the top 10 million websites. This statistic is interesting in so many ways. For example, China has the most online users but only 1.4% of online content is written in Chinese for the same 10 million websites.

Given the high percentage of online content in English, is it worth it to translate your company website? Well, it depends on the products or services you provide, among a few other factors.

If you’re interested in determining whether or not you should translate your business website, consider reading ahead.

Translating is Essential for Business

There’s some confusion as to why businesses should translate information on their site to other languages. This confusion comes from the high number of users that can engage with content in English.

The truth is, many online users have English as a second language. This limits their scope of comprehension, to a degree. This, in turn, limits how well a business can communicate with their users.

To maximize engagement with users, you need to offer translations in their native language.

Company Website Translation

The internet provides a platform for engagement around the world and, even when hosts limit a site’s reach, VPNs open the doors to everyone with an internet connection.

Reaching out to communities around the world is not only key for business success, it’s also a major part of improving brand presence and identity. So, even though it might not seem essential, considering something like Twi translation for users in parts of Africa can make all the difference.

Translate Documents

Offering your company website in various languages removes a barrier for users. It allows visitors to get a better look at your business and access any important information that you offer. One example involves documents.

If you offer a native language option for users, they’re more likely to stay and take a look at what you offer. So, you need to translate documents you might have, as well. It’s usually a good idea to get the same team that translated your company website to take a look at any important documents you have, as well.

Recommended Language Translations

Of course, the more translations you offer on your website, the better. But, there are a few languages that can help cover larger audiences than others. The top three are Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. However, you should consider including the following for a better user experience:

  • Persian
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Viatnamese
  • Korean


Business Website Translation

Translating official documents and using interpreters to facilitate business meetings are both important for making progress in various markets. However, translating your company website makes it easier to engage a broader audience. A site that makes an effort to translate information also looks better, in general, and generates trust with online visitors.

Hopefully, this article provided you with some guidance on why it’s smart to provide translations for documents and information on your company’s website. If it did, consider taking a look at some of the other posts on the site.