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New Horizons: How to Attract New Customers to Your Small Business

Have you ever heard of the Pareto principle?

That’s the idea that only around 80 percent of your business will probably come from roughly 20 percent of your customers.

And yet, if you’re customer base is only small, this can actually be fatal for your small business.

What’s the answer? You need to attract new customers quickly to get your business rolling once again.

Check out our tips on how to attract more customers to your business below. Let’s go!

1. Networking to Develop Connections

Everyone knows that you should network with people in the business. But, it’s not always easy to get yourself out there.

That’s because you’re probably always focused on what you can get out of it. Are you asking other people who they can get you in touch with?

This is the wrong way to go about it. Instead, try to focus on how you can help others in the business get on in the world.

You’ll quickly notice that when you scratch other people’s backs, they do the same for you. This how is how solid professionals relationships are formed. 

2. Ask Your Clients for Referrals 

When you have a satisfied client, ask them for a referral. 

You may think that if a client was happy with your product or service, then they’ll refer you to people they know without asking.

You’d probably be wrong. Few people think to refer the company no matter how impressed they were.

And yet, it can make a significant difference to the success or failure of your small business.

For example, referrals result in 30 percent better leads compared with other methods of marketing your company.

People trust other people that they know. If someone they know says you’re amazing, then they’ll probably get in touch.

3. Eye-Catching Deals 

You can also promote your products or service with eye-catching deals. 

This could be anything from offers for 2-for-1 to entice your current customers to bring a friend along with them.

You could also begin a loyalty scheme. People are always looking for ways to save money when they’re on a budget. 

4. Update Your Company Website

It actually only takes 50 milliseconds for people to form an impression of your company by your website.

You don’t have long to get people’s attention. Ensure that your website is up to date, or you could risk losing customers.

Do you have amazing graphics that grab the attention of prospective customers? Have you already produced regularly SEO blogs?

If you want to get new customers coming to your business, they’ll probably discover you via the internet. Make sure any first impressions are positive.

5. Team Up With Other Small Businesses

Small businesses are in it together. If you have a brick and mortar store, then you need to work together to get customers through the door.

You may even be able to help each other out by promoting one another. For example, if you run a bookstore, you can promote a nearby coffee shop for reading.

You could even reach further afield. What about if you ski equipment and clothes? You could send your customers to a ski resort in return for promotion.

You can also learn more marketing tips like this to increase your customer base. 

6. Get Involved in Your Community

You also have a corporate responsibility to your community. As a small business, you can always do a little bit more for your local area.

Are there any charity events you can sponsor? Get your company brand name all over good causes.

Can you contribute to any other local events? Donate any items to local events to support your community.

This could help bring in new customers as well. 

7. Return to Former Customers

You probably have former customers who you haven’t heard from for a while. Why have they stopped coming back to your business?

Simply getting in touch with old customers can turn over new business for you. Just search through any old contacts on your mailing list.

You may have to win them back over. But, they’ll surely be delighted to hear from you since last time you did business.

8. Promote New Customer Incentives 

You shouldn’t concentrate on getting new customers through the door at the cost of your existing clients. 

However, sometimes you need to offer new customers an incentive to try your small business out.

This could involve special discounts, which give people money off if they have never bought anything from you before.

Why don’t you offer tasty deals? Instead of signing up for your entire service, new customers to check out you out before they commit to anything. 

9. Focus on Online Reviews 

Around 84 percent of people say that they trust online reviews as much as they would friends. 

If you have positive reviews online, you could see new customers heading your direction.

You can also use any positive reviews on your website.

“The best business in town” or “Amazing customer service.” Make sure any comments like that are displayed on your website. 

10. Promote Yourself as an Expert

You may not necessarily consider yourself an expert. But, you probably have expertise in your industry.

Take any chance you can get to show off your knowledge and experience.

Are there any discussions you take part in on blogs? Can you attend relevant events or workshops for the industry?

You never know when a prospective customer is going to pop up and display an interest in your business. 

How to Attract New Customers?

It’s great that you have a bunch of loyal customers. But, sometimes that’s not enough to keep your company on track. 

Try out our tips on how to attract new customers. This will help you to increase your client base and grow your business faster. 

If you want more tips and advice on small businesses, check out our website!